Thoughts Bring Physical Life or Death

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Many are unaware of how much our self-talk or our internal dialog affects, or infects our health. Our internal dialog is made up from thoughts we take time to listen to.  Here is a simple way to explain how our bodies become involved, for life or death, with our thoughts.

Every thought that comes to us, we consciously or unconsciously take agreement with.   When we have collected enough thoughts that are similar to each other through events we experience, those thoughts tell us something about ourselves and we store them as emotional memories.  Eventually, we will go from thinking those thoughts, to speaking them verbally.  Prov. 18:21;”Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Memories are stored thoughts of emotion we have perceived from the events of life that tell us something about us.  These perceptions of what we choose to believe can be true or false.  It doesn’t matter to our subconscious whether the perception is true or false, it just stores it the way we chose to perceive it.  This is why two people can experience the very same event and one  can end up with a positive perception and the other a negative perception.

How does this play out in our physical body causing us to be in good health or develop sickness?   Thoughts produce a feeling that store an emotion.   You have no emotions without thoughts producing them by the act of thinking.  Emotions are triggered by thoughts.  Thoughts are traveling emotions that we feel inside us physically. Thoughts of fear feel different from thoughts of love.  This happens because every thought generates a biochemical flow and an electrical nerve impulse within the body.  The more thoughts we collect and spend time agreeing with, the more the tap is opened to dispense chemicals.  These chemicals, we know as hormones. From this you can say that we have a positive and negative control system that controls our own natural drug dispensary.

When the thoughts sound and feel positive in nature the brain directs the body, through the  hypothalamus, to dispense a balanced amount of our own natural chemicals to flow through our operating system and organs.  When these chemicals are balanced, in amount and rate of flow by our positive thoughts, your system will stop and start that flow in cycled intervals.  This process feeds the cells of our body the proper amount of energy to sustain healthy immunity, circulation, oxygen rates, blood flow, and detoxing of the body.

Our Inner Critic Infects Us

However, when the collection of  both current and stored thoughts are negative, our system operates in a toxic manner polluting our body with overloads of chemicals.  These overloads will be the very same chemicals that were dispensed in balanced amounts, when our thinking consisted of  positive self thoughts, with a very big exception.  The mind wasn’t wired to know what to do with negative thoughts, such as fear or worry.  What the body begins to do is dispense the same natural chemicals in alarming overloads to all cells and organs of the body with no intervals of stopping and starting.  Overloads are like a battery acid constantly flowing through our bodies.  This puts our body into STRESS.

The positive thoughts of chemical dispensing explained first, is known as stage one stress.  That is normal because a little bit of stress is necessary for our survival.  If we didn’t ever experience a little stress, we wouldn’t move out of the way of a lion trying to chase us.  This is known as the mind body connection for fight or flight.  The overloading of chemicals is known as stage two stress.  Stage three stress is pure exhaustion, to the point of possible death because the body no longer can take the overloads of chemicals.

From this simple explanation one can readily see that our inner uplifter or inner critic,  is created from the type of thoughts we spend time with.  The way we control the natural chemical flow being put into our physical systems, is necessary for us to notice consciously.  Sad, but much of our thinking goes unnoticed by default, due to years of being preprogramed with too many negative thoughts.  Our body wasn’t created to handle negative thought without consequences.  When we agree, or disagree, with what our positive or negative thoughts tell us, will determine our spiritual, physical and mental condition for wholeness.   Proverbs 23:7 says; “As a man or woman thinks, so he or she becomes.” (author paraphrased)

Diet, exercise and environment also play a role in our overall health.  Most traditional methods of care, recovery, or wellness programs only offer solutions that apply to the mind and body.  I feel we are missing the boat to not realize that the type of thoughts we are agreeing with and spending time thinking about, will effect the outcome of our physical condition also.

Think Well, Live Well Now teaches the known biology of how the thoughts we think move through our physical mind and body.  It reveals how you can change your internal dialog at any age to rewire your brain from toxic memories of thought, and to give yourself the gift of life.  This gift applies to health, finances, and relationships.

We must start working on more complete solutions to bring life back into our physical being.  This is done by including the spirit, with the body and mind methods, for more well rounded wellness.  The 21 Day Mind Boot Camp offers that addition to add along with other methods of life altering therapies.

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