You Have a Positive & Negative Control System – Pt.2

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Thinking thoughts and holding on to emotional memories that are negative dims the very essence of who you are, and draws you into darkness, taking away your light of energy.  You are either more full of light and energy, or you have less energy and feel drained. Thinking more negative thoughts from never will give you enough power to get positive. That would be like saying you can fill yourself with more darkness to gain light; it is impossible.  You choose to think positive.

The negative operating system of natures found within you (your emotions) are powerless to create any new life and harmony within you, rather they will destroy the harmony and any good feelings you have about yourself. They have no power other than to steal light from you. However, the opposite of this is true with positive thoughts and emotions.

Activating your positive controls is like giving yourself light and energy in the middle of a power outage—they have the light of life to create. That operating system can dispel the energy from dark memories of the past and change thoughts to create necessary energy for you. High frequencies of light are able to create unlimited new possibilities. It is the glory light of God that heals wounds from negative spoken words.

Like energy attracts like energy. It is important to be careful of those with whom you have relationships. If someone thrives on emotional natures that are negative, it will be necessary for them to stay there to get their energy. It requires a renewing of the mind for them to even realize that they are settling for the weakest of energy in their systems. This is why it is such a never-ending spiral for so many people, going lower and lower. They don’t understand that they are transmitting and receiving energy and that the longer they stay negative with those thoughts of emotion, the less they will want to go the other direction, toward the light. The longer those energies are transmitting and receiving, the easier it is for those emotions to give them their strength, all be it weaker than those people who think with positive emotions.   They will literally feel less and less light energy and increasingly powerless to receive the light.

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now

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