You are the Architect and Contractor

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This is what is dynamic about our thought life. Most people feel powerless and helpless when it comes to trying to change who they are. Why? Because they falsely believe that they have no control over certain “genetic” aspects of themselves. Most have been incorrectly taught, “You are the way you are because it is in your genes.” Not so!

The power of your thoughts is much stronger than you ever imagined. By thinking, you exercise your free will and make choices. Those choices access which genes are utilized in your nerve cells. This process is called epigenetics. Our genes hold many different possible blueprints. Our thoughts and decisions express any number of blueprints, all of which are housed in our nerve cells. You are the architect and contractor of how you build your life. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” is a literal fact.

To summarize this: your cells have blueprints in the genes, but not all of them are accessed at one time. When a blueprint is accessed, it makes a new protein which alters its structure and functional capabilities. Just as a building is constructed according to a blueprint to look a certain way; that is what it will look like to the public. The ingredients of how to make these proteins is read by the individual gene. Therefore, it is the thought and choice of our free will that determines which blueprints are utilized or activated. The truth is we have control over the genes that shape us—our thinking. Our behavior follows our thoughts. This is the house we build and put on display for everyone to see.

This is exciting because we can change our building to look like something different at any time, or at any age. But this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight, without effort and action—taking our thoughts captive. We are not victims of our biology (or our parents). Taking our thoughts captive is the key to rebuilding behaviors that are negative or harmful. It is also the key to getting and keeping us healthy, successful, while prospering in our talents.

It isn’t just our brain that stores memories; the cells throughout our body store memory. In biofeedback therapy, it is possible to tell whether a person has experienced certain illnesses because of stored memory in cells. The communication takes place between the cells in your body and the brain.

For example, your brain takes information from your thoughts and interprets them as fear or anxiety. Then every immune cell gets that interpretation instantly. This is known as the mind-body connection, identified earlier as your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) command center. There are two primary emotions: fear and love. All other emotions are branches from the root of either love or fear.

Each of these causes its own physiological effects. Emotions affect our anatomy because of the balance or lack of balance in the amount of chemicals (cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, etc) that get released into the body. If you make a habit of suppressing, ignoring, or trying to deny your emotions, you disrupt your internal network flow, which causes disorder to peptide flow and the connections to your reactions. This is toxic to emotions and to your proper thinking and decision making.

What I expound on next will connect more dots comprehending what happens in the human thought process.

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