You are an Heir but Don’t Speak – Pt.1

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Consider this story.  Are you acting like an heir and claiming all that is due you by the authority that Jesus death on the cross paid for?  We are overcomers by His shed blood 2000 years ago, “we” need to take our position in the body of Christ and “be” overcomers in this world.   We may be in the world but not of the world.

Think of it this way. Prince Charles is heir to the throne of England. He was born into the inheritance of the Kingdom of England. If someone kidnapped Prince Charles and he was subjected to trauma resulting in amnesia, does that change the fact that he is still an heir to the kingdom? No, but as long as he has amnesia he will not know how to speak or act like a prince. He will not know he has any authority to change his condition. But if he came out of his amnesia and became aware again of his true identity, do you think it would take him very long to change his life—to start living like a prince? No, of course not! So it is with you as a son or daughter of the King in the Kingdom of God.

What if the princes’ captors roughed him up, left him unrecognizable, and brainwashed him into thinking he was a commoner? They tell him who he is but he doesn’t believe it because of what he heard and suffered while kidnapped. He never tells anyone in England who he really is. With his appearance now unrecognizable, brainwashed from believing he was a prince, do you think the members of Parliament will allow him the privileges worthy of a prince? Does he or does he not still have those privileges? Would it do him any good to have the queen restore his position if he continues to keep his identity to himself and act like a commoner?

To Be Continued:

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now

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