Words Send out Images

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Think about it…. we never have a thought without an image, and if we do, we don’t keep the thought because it is meaningless to us, we have no way to understand.  When was the last time you gave any thought to what someone said to you in a foreign language?  You didn’t because you had no images from their words to understand what they said.  Even then, we can feel an effect from their words based upon how they are speaking them out with emotions.  All spoken words carry feelings and emotions within them.  Words have emotional natures connected to them.

Words are more powerful than we seem to want to understand. Our words send out images that create our whole perception. Spoken words throw images out onto the airspace canvas—they have invisible motion. Anyone in the physical can take those words of images in but so can any spirit being take those words and use them to paint on mental canvases in mankind. Words are thoughts; thoughts are images.

These images consist of light energy or dark energy. For example, if you saw someone paint on their canvas that it was normal for women to be taken advantage of, guess what you will paint to bring into existence on your canvas, unless you choose to believe the opposite perception? If you saw a canvas that showed the perception of verbal abuse being okay to speak, what do you think you will bring into existence with the brush of words on your canvas unless you believe and paint with your words the opposite, positive perception?

You take control and change your perceptions from positive to negative in order to change what you originally chose to believe. You presuppose what you want to see on the outside of you by taking what you see on the inside of you and speaking it outside of you.

Some might say that sounds like pretending because you do not physically see what you are saying. Pretending is thinking and never saying or doing a thing about what you’re thinking. Presupposing involves activating your faith to call things that are not as though they were. This is why you will not see any thing at first. Just like the farmer who plants his seed in the ground, then has to wait whatever time it takes for the plant to be seen. If he plants a field of corn, does he stop thinking after the first day or first week that corn isn’t going to appear? Of course not! He even makes sure that the field gets watered, knowing full well that corn will appear. He would never dream of spreading poison on the field before he waited for the corn plant to appear.

We however, often throw our seed out (by our words) and just because we don’t see what we planted by our words in the time we expect, we throw poisonous words on top of the seed and kill our harvest.

To be continued……

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