Words Send Out Images – Pt.2

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Our enemy knows how to work his presuppositions into us every day. He takes stored beliefs from perceptions and presupposes something he wants to have you do or not do. He has been busy working on this since before you were even born. For example, say he programmed into you as a child the fact that you can’t do anything right. He then presupposes that you won’t become the leader of a nation, or the CEO of a profitable business. How does he do that? He speaks with his words and puts images into you from those stored images you experienced from not doing anything right. He then gives you the faith to believe from those stored images that you can’t become someone who can do things right, or be successful. He presupposes your future off a false perception programmed into you as a child.

If we allow it, Satan will get us to operate in his dark faith all day long. Then when we want to speak out onto a different canvas that which we see inside of us that says we are a mighty man or woman of God who will be used by Him to change people’s hearts and minds, thus setting them free, what thoughts do you think will come along, perhaps even before we speak those words?

The enemy comes and speaks to us, telling us we are crazy or not realistic and question whether God can even use us. Pretend all you want, but it’s not happening. After all, is that what you see in the physical? Satan calls you stupid for saying something that makes no sense with what you see now. You are in debt up to your eyeballs and you are speaking that you are debt free and lack for nothing? Or you are speaking out that you are healed because you see and believe that on the inside of you, though on the outside you still have that disease and it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Speaking in faith is presupposing that what you see and believe on the inside needs an external canvas to be painted upon so the working of your faith energies will become physical. They are always internal before they become external. Doesn’t the Word tell us to call things that are NOT as though they ARE? Satan has us calling things that ARE as though they are NOT, and we don’t even get intimidated into speaking that negative stuff with our word brush.

The opposite will start to take place via the voice of God that comes out of you, the voice that dictates what is inside your spirit, that you are to speak to the earthly manifestations, causing those energies to align with what is in your spirit from God. It is calling things as though they are. What is in your spirit is opposite from what your body is experiencing in the natural. If you can speak out of your spirit the opposite of what you are experiencing in the natural, you will transform your circumstances by faith. This action causes things to become, which is why it is impossible to please God without faith. We are designed to work our faith in His love.

God’s access into the earth realm is through us. Adam kicked access to God off the planet. Jesus, the word of God, brought the access to God back to earth. Whatever happens here on earth has got to come through us, by our words. We carry His voice, and you better believe Satan is threatened by us because of it.

To be continued…..

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