Why you Don’t Feel Like Forgiving

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Let’s look at how your physiology works when you forgive yourself and someone else. Unforgiveness and fear are the number one stronghold blocks people have. You may say that you will never be able to feel like you can forgive someone who wounded you. You are correct when you say that. When you make a choice to forgive someone who has hurt you, that doesn’t mean you have to “feel” like it first. The choice you make to forgive, when you forgive, is an act of your will in spite of what your emotions of hurt are crying out from on the inside of you. That is the norm. The blood of Jesus, the love of our heavenly Father, erases the sin of unforgiveness from you when you make that choice to forgive, even if you “don’t feel” like it.

The decision you make to forgive is done without feeling forgiving because the process involves two steps, not one. The decision made by your conscious mind to forgive, is one you make from your heart where your love energy flows out of. Your head won’t necessarily follow right away, in fact it probably will fight you along the way.

When you forgive someone there is an energy that you must activate and apply like medicine to your wounds. This medicine is the Word. You must wash the wound with the water of the Word (the light of His glory) so that in time the Word will wash your feelings of emotions to reform the negative energy of hurt and pain into love. In time the hurt will disappear but it requires the medicine that the energies of the Word carry to remove and cancel the pain. This requires you to tune into the correct frequencies of divine energy.

Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.” The love of God is what washes your hurt away. It is capable of doing that because the word of God is love, and is the light of His glory. But you must apply it to your wound. When you no longer feel the hurt, it means the word has reformed the energy of hurt into the energy of love and acceptance.

If you wait until you feel like forgiving someone who has wounded and hurt you, you never will. The process works by faith and understanding your own physiology, not by what you physically feel at first. Thoughts create feelings, strong feelings become emotions, emotions express themselves as attitudes. When your attitude is one of unforgiveness, you must realize you have to work the same process over again; with a new thought, to new feelings, to new emotions, to a new attitude. But this time the thought starts with the opposite energy of love and forgiveness. This is done by your own positive control system, in order to transform what was originally formed from negative energy.

It is hard at first to see yourself as God sees you but that develops as you seek God. Isn’t it time for you to begin to get the knowledge of who God really is and who He created you to be. You will also begin to learn how to have conversation with God if you haven’t developed that in your life already.

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