Why Can’t We Get and Stay Well

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What are we missing in terms of our health, relationships, finances, etc.?  Let’s use health as an example to illustrate what I feel is missing in our approach toward wholeness and a better life, although  I could also say the same thing about relationships or financial success as well.

But in terms of health…..we all know that the approach from the world of medicine, whether it’s drugs on the allopathic side or supplements on the alternative side, only look at making their suggestions to take them in order to improve the problems of sickness based upon looking into the body or mind only.  I could say it this way, healers apply methods that are for the body or mind only.

Yet we were created as a three part human being.  Meaning we were created with a body, mind and spirit. We are trying to fix our health, relationships, finances, or virtually anything regarding life; by only applying methods that work on the body and mind. It simply isn’t working, and won’t work unless we work on all three parts together. When we only deal with 2 of our 3 parts we can’t ever expect to be healthy or if we do today, we end up getting something different to deal with in a matter of time. If we ever expect to keep wholeness, wellness, or success in life, we must deal with our spirit in the mix.

What do I mean exactly about dealing with our spirit? It is simply this…. The part of us that handles our thoughts and our thinking process is part of our spirit. We simply have to know what to do with our thoughts and understand how our thinking totally affects or infects us. The word of God says; As a man thinks, so he becomes.  That is literally true.

The message behind the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp from the Think Well, Live Well Now Workbook, is a unique way to apply the Word of God as a medicine to your body to cause a renewal of your mind.  Check it out by listening to some excerpts from the actual program on www.blogtalkradio.com/benay-behnke

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