Who is Talking in your Mind?

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No negative thoughts are ever spoken by the Holy Spirit about you to you. Even when the Holy Spirit convicts us for our wrong doing, it is never in negative words. For example: If you mess up at speaking something negative, while you are changing your ways, the Holy Spirit won’t say; “I have messed up for the tenth time, I will never get this.” That would be your enemy talking, remember, he always sounds like you said it about yourself, to yourself. The Holy Spirit might say; “Be careful, you just spoke that negative word.” He usually will go on with another encouraging thought like; “ You can do this because you are powerful enough to run your own thought life.” or “You can do this because I am here to help you”

The Holy Spirit will divulge Himself as another person speaking in your head far more than the enemy will. Most of the time the enemy is going to make himself sound like it is you speaking to yourself. The Holy Spirit doesn’t need to do that. Know other thing, and that is the Holy Spirit isn’t going to demean, degrade, discourage, or condemn you. NEVER EVER! Your enemy always speaks negatively about you, to you. He will always get you to question yourself and it feels like you are doubting yourself.

The Holy Spirit never questions you, about you, through doubt. Doubt isn’t in the Holy Spirit. The opposite of doubt is confidence and assurance. He will use encouraging words to give the answer to any question by using words that are assuring to give you confidence. He always gives the truth and that truth always speaks words of life. The Holy Spirit may be quiet at times and you hear nothing. Don’t be discouraged. He will answer when you can receive the answer but look for it and even re-ask Him. Sometimes He is speaking and we aren’t hearing Him because we need to learn how to get the noise off of our circuits before we can actually hear Him. He may have answered and we either didn’t believe it or it wasn’t what we wanted the answer to be. His words will always line up with the word of the Lord (the Bible).

What if you were taught that thoughts come from three different places?

I was taught that thoughts come from one of “three” places, not two. Were you taught that also? If so here is the best way to rethink that. Thoughts “originate” from one of two kingdoms. The teaching I had was that there are the thoughts from the kingdom of evil, the kingdom of God and then there are our own thoughts. Our own thoughts would be the established memories of thought that they call our own thoughts. Thoughts are emotional natures (love, fear, happiness, sadness, etc.) of energy.

Therefore, the teaching isn’t exactly wrong, it isn’t specific enough. When we were conceived in our mothers womb we already were downloaded with thoughts of emotions from our mother and we weren’t even born yet to do our own thinking. Stored thoughts known as memory, originated from thought that came from one of two places. That is why I am saying that all thoughts “originate” from one of two places; the kingdom of God or the kingdom of evil. Yes we can and do have our own thoughts based on our own developed beliefs but they originated from one of two places.

From the course: 21 Day Mind Boot Camp by Think Well, Live Well Now (author Benay Behnke)

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