What do you See in the Mirror

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Thoughts are Image Reflections it’s like looking into a Mirror

The thoughts we dominantly think with reflect an image of many images back to us; as if we see them in a mirror.  The problem is, we keep looking at the mirror of our negative past, rather than the mirror that reflects thought images from the words God gives us, causing us to see His reflection inside of us.  When we look at that internal mirror that reflects images of Him to us, we must believe what we see.  We choose to see ourselves in ways our thoughts focus the lens we look through.  That lens to our negative past is totally distorted.  What we keep looking at and focus on, we become.

We choose which images we see of ourselves, by the company we keep in our mind with thoughts.  We need to look into the mirror and see God reflecting His image to us.   That is the true image of who we are, a reflection of God.  You were made in His image.

Put a stone in a sling shot,  like David did when killing Goliath and take aim to the dead center of the mirror of your past.  Pull the sling back.  Let the stone fly breaking the mirror of your past, killing the giant who has lied to you by showing you false images.  They are images of your enemy, not you!  By doing this, things of your past won’t reflect into your future any longer.

The Lord tells you to not be conformed to the image of this world, but be transformed by a new mind, renewed with thoughts of Truth reflecting who you really are because God’s Word says you are reflecting His image.  It’s time to stop believing in a false image of yourself.  Do it today!

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