What You Focus On, Becomes What You Know

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Continued from previous blog: Your Identity is Stolen…..

Now you may think that God does all the deliverance and you do nothing but pray and ask. To you I would ask, does God think for you every thought you have? Didn’t God give you free will? You are made of body, soul and spirit. Your soul is where your mind, will, and emotions are located. You choose to think with thoughts coming from one of two realms. God’s thoughts or the devil’s thoughts. The devil is the one who brings your negative past up over and over to you. He does so to see if can get you to fear those things and if He gets you to agree to fear what’s in your history, that’s the place he has legal rights.

He has the legal right to bring up facts from your past, where he’s been with you before. He helps you to continue to focus upon seeing yourself in your past. If there is fear in your past over something, he knows the thoughts to say to you that will cause you to continue to fear those things. He messes with your past because he has no legal rights to your future. He doesn’t know what’s in your future, only God “sees you” in your future. What you resonate with in thought will produce feelings. Feelings that become stronger grow into emotions, which cause the right kind of sound vibrations that the devil’s kingdom wants to hear from you. That becomes what you are resonating. It happens when you agree to fear, worry, doubt, dis-believe what God says and so forth.

God, on the other hand, never sees your past because He’s looking at you, as you appear in eternity without sin. Your future comes to you from eternity and gets placed into time, when God reveals something to you. The moment you believe what God has revealed to you, is the beginning of that revelation in time. Whatever He revealed you now, is the ending of that revelatory idea. Meaning, it has been done in eternity. He is the only one who can reveal to us what has already happened in eternity. He’s the only one who knows that information, not the enemy.

God can’t look upon your sin. He has no sin within Him. Which is why He was separated from Jesus when the sins of the world were placed upon Him. He can’t see what isn’t in Him. Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, He looked and took sin upon Himself for us, that we might know the washing away of our sins by His blood. The moment Jesus took our sins upon Himself, is when Jesus cried out to Father God, why have you forsaken me. It was the only time that God was separated from Jesus. To see sin is to know sin and what you know is part of you. Sin isn’t part of God. He knows the effects of sin and it is through Christ’s blood that your sin is forgiven when you repent of it. Once repented for, it is erased and washed clean by the blood and no longer remembered.

Many don’t realize that what you focus on, what you look upon, what you see, becomes what you know. If God were to look, see and focus on sin at all, even the tiniest little bit, it would become a part of Him. He would have the sound of sin within Him . He doesn’t sound like sin, when there is no sin in Him. This is why when you receive revelation from God, it will always speak to you from an image of you without sin and of what you are to become. God can’t see you any other way. You had and have no sin in eternity.

When you got placed into time on earth, because of sin being present here, you choose to produce every sin by an act of your free will. Sins are established for you from birth on when you didn’t have any conscious ability to reason decisions for bad or good. Choices were made for you. This is the established workings of the enemy on earth.

Jesus knows what the the vibrations feel like from sin. The pain you feel inside from sin, is caused from the sound your thoughts put off through out your flesh. Those sounds, and their vibrations of pain, were what Jesus felt on the cross. I don’t know how one person could bear all that was laid upon Him for our sake. Jesus knows the effect of every sin and what it will do to our body, mind and spirit. He was sent by God to bear the weight of sin for us. He felt the effects and agony of every sin anyone has ever committed in His body, mind and spirit. He knows the feelings of sins vibration of fear, hurt and agony within the flesh. There is nothing He can’t feel, that anyone is going through.

Though He remained sinless of His own, He made the choice to take all of our sins, including the most grotesque and horrific sins in our place. He did it so you and I could receive grace and be taken back to the position that Adam once had with God, in oneness with His Father and Creator. It is by the unmerited favor called grace, that God gave us through His son Jesus, that we are back to being a heir of all that God possesses in His Kingdom. It is all ours, as His sons and daughters. This was a spoken covenant that was established by God through Abraham’s generations and lasts forever. We don’t fathom this fully. If we did, we would be claiming what is rightfully ours instead of allowing the enemy to steal us blind. We would want a relationship with our heavenly Father because we would believe how He made provision for us, to give us back what Adam lost.

So when you shut down the negative drawing magnet from your past, you no longer draw the specific negative thing into your life, such as abuse. Does that mean you never will have anything negative happen in your life? No. As long as you are in time on earth, you were placed in this realm for a purpose. Just as Jesus was placed into time on earth by God with a purpose, so you were placed into time with a purpose to fulfill while on earth, in time. Just as Jesus attracted the supernatural things of heaven, so shall you. So, your faith must correspond to your purpose, not your need. Yet we know our need, more than we know our purpose. So the truth of it is, that when we become more familiar with our purpose, our purpose takes preeminence over all things.

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