What Were You Thinking???

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Why do we continue to deal with only 2 of the 3 parts that we were created with by God.  We were created with a body, soul (mind, will,emotions) and a spirit.  Yet we expect to come to wholeness in life, especially health, by trying to fix only the body and mind.  We must work on all three together and include our spirit.

The spirit involves all of our thinking and storing of our thoughts.  Thoughts are invisible energy in motion.  There are only two forms of energy; positive or negative.   Thoughts come to us from one of two kingdoms; evil darkness or God’s light.  Light carries positive life giving and producing energies of sound that energizes our mind and body.  Negative dark energy comes to destroy and deplete our systems of the energy that makes us grow and thrive with health and abundance.

Thoughts come from one of those two sources and when we agree with what they are telling us they then feel them.  Our feelings turn stronger the more we dwell and ponder on those thoughts.  Then the strong feelings create an emotion we store inside of us to express which when expressed they become an attitude.  This is all happening in us 24/7 because our spirit doesn’t sleep, only our body does.  Thoughts come to look for agreements we have established within us during our life time.  The more similiar thoughts we possess, the stronger our emotions become.

Our emotions are expressed in what we believe, from the thoughts that we entertained the most over time.  Are all your thoughts true?  If not, then neither can all of our emotions, or beliefs be true.   We should ask ourselves why we continue to hold onto what our false beliefs and negative thoughts continue to tell us.  No one else can think for another person.  We do this all on our own.  But how much do we pay attention to what our thoughts are saying to us?   The fact that we don’t notice is a very important question.

I think many of us don’t know to consider what we are thinking.  I don’t think most of us understand how to change our thinking, or even realize that we can control it, to change it.  Let me tell you that biology has proven that in the brain, we have the capability to rewire not only what we currently have entering there, but what we have already stored there.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made and never a victim of what he says about us as an internal critic.  Our enemy should be the one who fears us and not the other way around.

Keep looking here for more to come…………..

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