What Good is Your Enemy

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God has a whole lot more for you than what you think. We have to change our mentality for that reason. God gave man dominion, meaning territorial power. What is your assignment and where is your territory. You can have a great anointing of God but if you don’t know your assignment, you’re a miss fit. You never seem to fit in anybody else’s world. But when you come into your own world, that moment in time where you step into your destiny, all of a sudden people see you for who you really are.  People can’t take who you really are because they prefer who you were but they can’t handle who you are.

That’s the reason the disciples knew Jesus from a distance. It’s the reason He only took three with Him to the Mount of Transfiguration. There are people in your life, that you have to discern where they can handle you at. There are some people in your life that it is better that you keep them at a distance. There’s nothing wrong with that because not everybody can come into your holy of hollies. There are some people, that when you meet them, the connection is instant. You don’t have to explain yourself, the connection is there.  They just get you and accept you.

It’s what you “know”, that keeps you “in” what you go through. There are people assigned to your outer court. You’ll always be in trouble in relationships when you don’t learn how to position someone to you. Some are to remain in the outer court, others the inner court and very few do you take into your holy of hollies. If you have to cover up who you really are with people, something is really wrong and you don’t need to be around them.  Most people typically are too polite and don’t want to hurt some ones feelings.  Yet, they will wonder why, they get hurt by the very one they should have kept at a distance.  You have to discern, that not everybody can handle you. That’s the reason why kings entertain in private.

When you are connected by virtue, by who we are and what we do, you don’t offend somebody that’s connected to your world. You only offend people who really aren’t connected to your world because they are not part of where you are headed. When you know it in advance, you keep them in your outer court and you never get hurt because you didn’t bring them into your holy of hollies.  Jesus had 70 and out of those, He chose 12. The 70 were in the outer court, the 12 were in the inner court and one of them was an enemy. Most of the time your enemies don’t know they are your enemies because they are on an assignment and they don’t know it. That’s why when something happens in the relationship, they say that they didn’t know this would happen. They didn’t know they were assigned to be your enemy.

What is your enemy designed for?

Your enemy is used by God to push you to where you are headed. You enemies subconsciously cooperate with the purpose of God. The problem is that they don’t know they are cooperating, when they see what you’ve become, if they knew it, they wouldn’t have done it. You won’t get to where you are going, without your enemies. Would the story be complete without Delilah with Samson, Pharaoh with Moses, Saul with David or even Satan with Jesus? There is always a positive sign about your enemies. You have to look for the good in the bad.   God doesn’t work outside in, He works inside out.

When you are really in transition, and you are about to step into that ultimate thing of who you really are, few can handle it. Because you go through stuff, your warfare changes, there’s an intensity. Stuff happens around you that nobody can make sense of. What God has called you to, only the supernatural can make you that.  Part of what is going on, is that the devil is making his last attempt to try to stop you from becoming who you really are.  That’s why, not everybody can take who you really are.  A lot of people can take what you do but are offended by who you are.

The Pharisees could handle what Jesus did. They could handle Him healing but they couldn’t handle who He was. If you ever come into who you are, your company will change. People like you, for who you are now because they know you. When things change for you through God, you change and people won’t know you as they did before and won’t necessarily accept the new you. That’s why your company will change. They want you to stay the way they know you because they liked something about you, that aligned to who they are. For this reason, there’s stuff hanging around you now to serve the purpose of what you are about to become. It’s Satan’s last attempt to conform you to your past domain because there’s a new domain on the horizon that he doesn’t want you to step into.  Keep moving forward.

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  1. Berni
    April 1, 2012 | 2:54 am

    This is a powerful word, Benay Behnke!

  2. Berni
    June 4, 2012 | 2:39 pm

    What a timely, wonderful word. So true!

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