What Do You Tolerate & Don’t Know

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Jesus said to His disciples when He saw them after the resurrection; “..as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” That power wasn’t Jesus’ to give until He took back the keys from the devil he had been given by the first Adam. He said; “I give unto you the keys to the kingdom and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven.” Whatever you refuse to tolerate on earth, you can’t bind. When you tolerate it, you have no legal authority to bind. You can’t bind sickness because to you, it’s normal. You can’t bind cancer because you tolerate it, by how you think and what you say. Well, my mother had it or my dad had it. You operate with your thinking from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. How are you going to cast the devil’s nature out of your body when you believe he belongs there?

Diseases, like cancer, don’t come from God, they come from the devil. Call it what it truly is, cancer is a spirit with a nature to kill cells in your body. How and what thoughts you think, cause chemicals to become out of balance. Balance is necessary for cells to reproduce in a healthy manner. These chemical overloads, caused by toxic thinking, change the structure of your cells throughout your entire body. Many have been desensitized to tolerate stress, instead of doing things that would promote health, most do what they want without considering what it is doing to their physical being. Even the medical world acknowledges that stress is fear induced. And you still would say you don’t tolerate?

You tolerate what the devil puts in front of your ears to hear, and your eyes to see daily. Does God control what you watch, listen to, and do? If course He doesn’t and can’t control you when He gave you your own free will to make your own choices. Then why does He get blamed for everything that goes wrong with people? You think there is no harm in tolerating that which opposes Godly thoughts. And then you wonder why you think God is a hard taskmaster over your life? You’ve been conditioned by evil thoughts your whole life, everyone of us has. What you don’t realize is that the devil is cleaver. He doesn’t overload you with all his thoughts at once, in a couple of hours or even a day. He knows that you wouldn’t tolerate it that way. So he feeds you milk slowly, over much time, knowing that you will digest it easily. If he crammed meat into you, you would get sick and throw it up. He does this knowing, that with time, things within your body, soul and spirit will break down. Even your tolerances will break down and become desensitized. The word is in your mouth but who’s word is it that you think to speak?

When you hate cancer, you’ll curse it. You know you are tolerating something by the way you talk about it. If you say that your mother or father had cancer and that’s why you have it, you are agreeing with devil that you should have it. You don’t hate it! What you don’t hate you are going to give residence to it inside of you, When you curse it in the name of Jesus, and mean it, it will die.

You know where it says in the Bible; from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffered violence but the violent take it by force. That means the days of being a baby Christian are over. The devil deals with you as a man, or a woman, not a child. That’s why he is throwing things at you now, that you never had before. It’s because you are about to step into your inheritance, into your blessing.

Why do you think Islam is so powerful? They don’t put up with tolerances. America has given them rights. How does a God fearing nation give the devil rights? When you go to some of their nations, you can’t preach. They understand the mentality of what you tolerate is what you are going to get into. Why are we loosing a lot of people to Islam? It’s because we tolerate it. The problem with us is that we aren’t prepared to fight, we are prepared to compromise. Your attitude has got to change toward the spirit world. If I offend your religion, for your well being please get over it.

The problem with too many Christians is they are passive and have been desensitized to even realize it. You’ve got to learn to take it by force. What the original language says is this; the kingdom of heaven has been administered by force and those in power control it. You say; God is in control, which is only half true because there is another portion to it. God made a covenant with man when it came to this dimension. How is a covenant, a covenant, when it isn’t shared? In other words, yes God is in control, but this is your territory and He put you in charge. When you come into your authority, you don’t need a preacher to pray for you. You defeat the devil on your authority.

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