Let God Unpack What He Put in You

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We never know what we are capable of because we don’t know who we are until we allow God to unpack that which He put in us.  This can only be done by engaging our faith.  I told Him three times that I couldn’t write a book.  I had to step out in faith to do what was hard and unbelievable at first.  Slowly but surely it started to materialize.

When you learn to flow with the Lord, you will realize that you can do things you never imagined doing.  He will try to show you to yourself and you will think it is someone else.  You will be told something, and you will say that you can’t do that.  We maybe were given some dreams that you said there is no way you could ever do that.  That is where stepping out in faith must come in.

Prior to this journey, what didn’t make sense to me was if I accepted the word by faith and hope, I could somehow do what it said. In this book you will discover things were said by God for literal, physical reasons that make sense. We can understand God’s word better today than ever before because science has revealed what the Word has always told us.

When I started to be transformed I found more of God and I started to find myself! That’s the irony of it. The other irony of this journey has been that as I look back on these past four years and all the downloads I went through to be able to write this book, I realized that I was being transformed by the knowledge of Him whom I was discovering. Science is tied to what the word of God says He is. The word that says, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge,” is more literal then I thought.

Everything you read in this book has been my personal discovery. The personal discovery came as a result of the Holy Spirit guiding my steps to discover who God the Father and Jesus are. Through this journey, I found God in new ways I never intended to. He unexpectedly revealed me, unpacking all that had been in me all along. It transformed me and my mind was renewed as a result of seeking Him and what He wanted to reveal to me. He is the only one who can reveal who we are to us.

Among His other names, He is also Jehovah “Sneaky.” I thought I was writing a book when He told me that I was being transformed in the process. This didn’t come to my understanding until two months ago, after I had been writing for seven months and kept planning to complete writing every two weeks.

After saying that I would finish in two weeks for the fourth or fifth time, I had a friend tell me that I wouldn’t finish writing until I “became the message of the book.” That took me aback. I realized that it was the truth. I was being transformed by what I was writing in the book, as I received revelation from God.

Everything in this book, every bit of knowledge I’ve gained, has changed me. This is not by accident because once we are healed and transformed; we then possess the “legal,” legitimate right to teach others to receive their transformation. How exciting! We are never given gifts to keep for ourselves; they are all meant to be shared with others. I share all that is within this book with all of you who will read it and hear what it is imparting to you.

This book will transform your life, if you will receive the knowledge and understanding of the Word that is in it.  Science has caught up with explaining the Scriptures as never before in history, yet we hear little about this. I had an intense desire to “know” God at the core of His being, as best as my finite mind would allow for that understanding and knowledge. You may be surprised, as I was, to find that science has found God in everything.

My desire through this book is to take the invisible world of what goes on in our minds and paint it through words so you can see it like the Word has told us to see it all along. To reveal what science has already uncovered as fact shows how incredible a created being you are. Every man and woman was created by God to create. We have no idea how creative we are every day. Chiefly, what a man thinks, he becomes. We can’t see, touch, feel, or smell our thinking—it’s invisible, but powerful.

Most of us don’t gain enough knowledge or even have a clue about our hidden talents. Abilities we possess to heal ourselves, to do things we love, or to invent something no one has ever seen. These are only the beginning of the unlimited potential that lies within us.  Uncover the well of deep waters to your heart and tap into the living water within.

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