Trust Keeps Faith Incubating

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The definitions of trust are: 1) confident expectation of something; hope, 2) a person on whom or thing on which one relies, God is my trust or 3) confidence in the certainty of future payment for property or goods received. We learn to trust through experiences. Considering how many of those experiences we’ve had that are negative, we have learned to put our trust in many false perceptions.

How many of us have had broken trust in your life? Even when we’ve forgiven the person, it took time to trust again. Trust takes time to develop. Unfortunately, we can have confident expectation for the negative things that could potentially come into our lives from habitually dwelling on negative possibilities. We all have experienced disappointment, hurt, and failures in our lives. Our ability to trust comes from how we perceive what we have experienced in life.

How many of us have had a confident expectation for something good to happen in our lives and it didn’t or the opposite happened? After enough failures, we end up looking for something bad to happen instead of good. We end up trusting in the negative thoughts because we’ve learned all too well to believe the false perceptions. You might ask, how it is a false perception? It’s a false perception of your life as it could and should be. The true perception of who you really are is acquired by learning to internalize the thoughts from the Holy Spirit, not from your enemy.

In chapter 15, we said that true perception requires seeing something inside you that wants to be brought into existence outside of you. Thoughts and beliefs are invisible motion within us. We can’t see them with our five senses until we paint them. What you perceive within yourself you must put onto a canvas so you can see it with your physical senses. The biggest way we paint perception is with the brush of words. This is how you get others to view your perception, to see things the way you see them, so they can experience what you are experiencing. This is why we have to speak what we “want” to see by faith.

We also said that words send out images. God is looking for our perceptions to match the images that He put within us. When we see ourselves as God sees us, we then have an optical fusion. When two images join they become one perception and the two become one.

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