Thoughts Originate from Two Energy Systems

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God created us with a body, soul and spirit. The world system does not deal with the spirit because it sees things very mechanically and chemically. It focuses largely on the body only. The world system is under the control of Satan, with agreement from man. The world system’s approach is basically: spirit represents the nonmaterial spiritual realm and matter represents the material physical realm. The nonmaterial spiritual realm is invisible and not always explainable; therefore science doesn’t like it when it can’t find hard, logical consistent evidence for what something is and why it is where it is and how it operates.

Humans are looked at as physical matter with mechanical working parts that function because of chemicals and nerve impulses (when they work properly). So when we have a problem, we get a diagnosis from that mindset, based solely upon the set of symptoms we are experiencing. Data from a worldwide database reveals that in the majority of people who share the same set of symptoms, this part or the operating system of the body was the cause for the malfunction. So this chemical should stimulate or shock that area to function appropriately. But at the same time it shocks this area it may also affect several other areas.

This is how they develop drugs and why they have side effects they cannot control. If chemicals don’t fix the problem to make something work well enough over time, surgery to extract that malfunctioning part is recommended. So in essence, we are a mechanical machine. The medical community is trained from this thinking. Drugs are developed from this thinking as well.

Methods within the world system have ways to “manage” the mind and body. Science fails to consider that all the connecting answers are found in the spirit connection to the soul and to the Spirit of God. The invisible spirit realm is all the energy in and around us. To not consider the role that spirit plays in our lives is like saying I have no thoughts, feelings, or emotions that cause anything to happen within me. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are invisible spiritual energies that aren’t material. So why do we keep turning to a world system that deals with only two thirds of what we are?

To ignore the spiritual part of us is to ignore all the driving energies from thought and emotions that are causing our physical material to be affected or infected. After all, thoughts and emotions are invisible, not physical or material. It is to say that the spiritual doesn’t affect who we are. It is to ignore the realization that there are two invisible spiritual sources that we are fed with food of thought from, every moment of our lives. Energies flow to create positive, healthy operating systems, or weak, negative, toxic operating systems in our body. Then it spreads out into the environment around us.

The greatest disconnect we are making is between us and the God who created us. The world system basically thinks that we don’t need God’s natures operating in us to give us health and well-being. When we don’t consider the role our spirit plays in us, we lack the knowledge of what our spirit needs from God’s natures to engage our positive operating system.

God is spirit and He puts part of His spirit in us. We spend more time training, educating, or paying attention to our bodies and minds than we do for our spirit. When it comes to our spiritual immune system, we lack knowledge and remain ignorant. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me.” We have been deceived just like Adam and Eve. By now you should have a much better understanding of how your thoughts have everything to do with how you end up with lack of balance and suffer slow death inside of you.

There are Two “Kingdoms of Thought.” One is the Kingdom of God

and the Other is the Kingdom of Sin.

How do you know where your thoughts are coming from? Positive thoughts create or awaken positive emotional natures within you and originate from God. They are full of light and life. Negative thoughts equal negative emotional states, originating from Satan and his sin kingdom, and are full of death and destruction. They are God’s energy distorted by the devil.

Excerpts from: Think Well, Live Well Now book

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