Thoughts Grow Trees

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Your trees and the landscape of your brain can determine everything you become or don’t become in life. The process of thinking will move thoughts through the same process, whether the thoughts are positive or negative. Every thought literally changes your brain and your body for life. This is why the Bible says, “As a man thinketh so is he.” Scientists have shown that your thoughts cause changes down to the genetic level, literally restructuring cells in your body. This means that the thoughts you spend time thinking about literally multiply and grow and become living material in your brain, all under the radar of your five senses, or invisible to you. When these cells get restructured in a toxic form, scientists have seen how diseases form in our bodies.

Dr. Leaf, with twenty plus years of studying the brain, teaches the following about our brains and our thoughts. Emotions are triggered by thoughts. You have no emotions without thoughts producing them by the act of thinking. Thoughts produce biochemicals and electrical impulses that can flood the body with peace and balance or cause the body to go into stress. Stress is toxic thinking, plain and simple. Thoughts are chemicals, electrical impulses, and neurons living inside you. They look like trees with branches. The more good thoughts grow the more branches and trees form and connections become stronger. Negative thinking burns branches.

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