Thoughts Grow Trees – pt. 6

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Have you ever been moving along and doing well, when suddenly you are overwhelmed with fearful thoughts, like a rushing river? Don’t let the river flow. People perish for their lack of knowledge of this. Don’t be ignorant. This is the physiological process your mind undergoes when it is being renewed by the washing of the word.

Over our lifetime, most of us develop multiple pathways of fear, possibly hundreds. As our mind is renewed maybe hundred pathways can be closed, but we should not be surprised when old fears show up, stimulated by any number of experiences. Just do what you know to do and deal with these the same way you dealt with the other hundred. Don’t take the bait to have fear.

You may have developed a fear of snakes when you were told as a child that they are poisonous and that their bite could put you in the hospital. So one weekend, you decide to go camping, something you had not done previously. You are sitting around a campfire, when along comes a snake. The camping trip triggers the fear of the snake but you didn’t know to deal with that fear until the snake showed up and exposed the fear. No matter how old the memory of fear is, each fear must be dealt with as events expose the need to change the pathway. You need to deal with it by renewing your mind the same way you did with the other fears. This neurological pathway will be put to death by the renewing of your mind, just like the others. Deal with the fear in each experience as it comes. This is the true process of renewing your mind.

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