Thoughts Grow Trees – pt.5

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The old pathways dissolve over time because if you don’t use them, you lose them. In the proteins that develop, in the process called protein synthesis, if you have a hundred proteins, you will lose fifty of them in fourteen days. And in another fourteen days you will lose twenty-five more. So in twenty-eight days those cells are beginning to degenerate and we are only left with one quarter of the original number of living cells. This is where the twenty-eight days to break any habit comes from. Not allowing stimulation of these old thoughts prevents neurons from keeping the old pathway alive. This emphasizes again the importance of using positive words and positive self-talk in your mind because any negativity just stimulates the old neural pathways to go deeper. You kill them or grow them with your thoughts.

Your mind needs to be renewed with truth, real truth, which is only found in the word of God. The Word is the instruction manual for how man was created to operate. Would you try to fix a Mercedes using a repair manual for a Chevy? Of course not! Only the truth of the word of God can repair or renew the mind.

As your mind is renewed, your old thoughts are dying and going away. Transneuronal degeneration means that the neuron wants to stay alive, but it is dying. As it gets weaker and weaker, it begins to fire on its own. So now you need to understand that you have been walking in who you were created to be and these neurons are losing their power and effect to suddenly start firing at random. You are up against the wall and wonder what is going on—you were doing so well. This is when you must push against those dying thoughts with your new thoughts. The moment you allow yourself to think on the old thoughts is the moment when you give them permission to regrow.

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