Thoughts Grow Trees – Pt.2

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Depending upon what we change our thoughts to think into, some branches dissolve, new ones can form, and connections strengthen with good thoughts, or diminish from toxic thoughts. The brain holds an incredible ability to rewire itself at any age. This doesn’t happen by fate (something that’s unavoidable) or predestination (determined by someone else to be ours) or without our control. Each person controls every bit of this within their own brain. It all happens with thoughts and another person cannot climb in your brain and think for you. It happens under each person’s own free will and their own total control. This is how each of us literally “creates” our own lives.

When you think, thoughts are active. This is why your brain isn’t growing when you watch television or movies or video games in excess. Even doing the same thing over and over again can cause your imagination to become dormant from lack of use. A number of studies have been done that seem to indicate the more TV children watch, the lower their reading ability is.

As your brain thinks, thoughts create images. These photocopies are found in your cells and are what make up your memories. With each memory, there is an emotion attached to it. This is the process. These images are necessary for you to work with in order to imagine anything. Now think about what is allowed to be deposited into you as you engage in passive activity, such as TV. The eyes and ears are powerful gates for information downloads straight into our cells. We choose what kind of images we store in our long term memory by thoughts we dwell on and on what we allow our eyes and ears to take in.

Active thoughts activate attitudes. Attitudes come from our compiled thoughts and views. The more thoughts we have that are negative, the more our attitudes will match them. Attitudes are a reflection of internal images we have. They release chemicals into our cells that are carried throughout the entire body.

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