The Soul – From Mischief to Alignment

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real you is in there

 Your decisions make descendants. Whatever you do and say will make descendants, it will grow and spread out to others for them to become affected. Their decisions will be affected by what you spread. You spread fear. They will be fearful or the opposite is true. In other words, your future and your descendants will be affected either positively or negatively.

It’s easier to speak negatively, then it is to speak positively. It is the soul’s bad habit because this world is filled with negatives to see, and we must look for the positive and turn it around. David would speak to his soul asking his soul why are you so downcast? Soul awake, bless the Lord oh my soul. He knew that if the soul is down cast it will affect his decisions, his men and what would happen around him. When the soul is down it can be depressed and affect the body and the environment.

Your soul can be restored with one word from God. His word to you preserves your soul so that your body, and your environment can be blessed. Three John 2 says that I pray that you be in health and prosper as your soul prospers. John understood that the prosperity of the soul gives you greater insight, a different perception and greater inspiration. When your soul is preserved, you prosper and your body will recover.

The laying on of hands doesn’t always work. Why is that the case? If the persons’ soul is in a mess, it won’t matter how many hands get laid on them, their soul still remains messed up. It could be that the person doesn’t realize that their own soul needs restoring and that requires them laying hold of their own thoughts, so they may experience a shift in their emotions and attitudes. No other person can take care of your soul.

Our soul is most important because it is converted or restored by the word. By the prophetic word, the revealed word, that you need to apply to your soul for whatever is lacking at the moment.

The word is given to put a promise in you, and that word preserves you through any situation. However, you must preserve your soul.

The biggest thing that affects your soul is fear and doubt because it causes you to believe wrongly and moves you to say and do things that oppose God. Remember, fear creates a nest like a bird to dwell in, which gives Satan legal cause to roost. Proverbs 26:2 says; a curse cannot roost, or come, without a cause. It’s up to us not to allow the devil a cause to harm us.

Lack of Knowing your Identity affects your Soul

Christianity is not psychology; it’s supernatural-ology. (made-up up word) We cannot afford to come into this relationship with our Father through the mind of our head. You’ll live by feelings, and you’ll be polarized. You’ll be squeezed by what people do and by what people say or don’t say about you. You will be moved by people appreciating you and not appreciating who you are because of Christ in you. This means that when the miraculous enters your life, and you pray for people; you’ll gain who you are in your identity by what you do, through works. And suddenly, you’ll become a man or a woman who can work the incredible because you healed somebody.     Read more by clicking here…

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