The Action of Double-minded in you Body

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James 1:8 say, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Traditionally most have been taught that to be double minded was to be torn between two opposing spirits; the Spirit of God and the spirit of the devil. Which the Greek word for double is “dipsuchos” meaning two-spirited, vacillating in opinion or purpose. That describes our thoughts as coming from two opposing spirits and us dwelling back and forth on both natures of thought. Which James 1:8 is saying you can’t do without being unstable.

The literal understanding of what is happening inside our physiology is this. You have learned that you have two minds and two places of intelligence; one being in your heart and the other being in the brain, located in your head. There are two spirits that are involved when you are double-minded. What happens on the inside of you is that the mind and thoughts of your heart are in opposition to the thoughts coming from the mind in your head.

Two spirits are opposing one another and it continues because most are ignorant of their own physiology and are lacking knowledge of not only what is happening but what to do to stop it. The Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) from your heart is trying to get your conscious mind of thoughts from your head (thoughts the enemy spirit is speaking to you) to agree with Him.

Two kingdoms are disagreeing with each other and you become unstable. It is two opposing forces of energy and there is no way to achieve any calm or rest when that continues inside of you. You are literally being torn in two different directions.

The only way to stop the tug of war is to take the thoughts in your head captive and line everyone of them up against the truth. The only place the truth is found is in the word of God. After all you don’t want to be lead around by a lie.

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