I have an office dealing in alternative medicine in Tyler, Texas. Saw a client yesterday—I saw him before and since first appointment he has read your book. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Changed man! Even his skin texture and color was different!!! Awesome to see! I will recommend your book and program to clients.            Tyler, Texas

I work at an alternative medicine facility and had to text you. A gentlemen, who has been to the office for prior visits, came in today and is like a different man. He says he has to credit your book for the changes in his life. Absolutely amazing! We didn’t like him at all when he first came in. We all thought he was an angry jerk before! WOW! So nice, friendly, sincere, looks healthier. Almost like seeing a miracle take place. The doctor is so impressed, she wants to reference your book.  Tyler, Texas

Dear Benay I am the mother of 3 children: 16 years, 8 years and 4 years old.  I attended one of your workshops and bought all your materials including the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp CD’s.  I took them home and began to go through your program and about half way through the 21 days I began to notice a slight change in how I was feeling.  By the time I got done in 21 days, I really noticed a transformation in my whole being.  What was evident, was when my kids noticed.  They wanted to listen to your Cd’s, so we began to play them all the time.  I mean, in the car and at home.  They know the material as well as I do, yes, even my 4 year old.  We work things out as a family and are happy and cooperate and problem solve calmly like never before.  I guess what I am saying; is that when you change your thinking as a parent, that is how you can change your children’s thinking as well.  This has been a real God send to this family.  Thank you very much.      Kathy M.
Even my dog is different.

Even my dog is different.


You may find this hard to believe but it is a known fact that our pets take on our personalities and are affected by the order or chaos in our lives.  How is that?  They are sensitive to vibrations from internal thoughts within our conscious and sub-conscious.  That is how they can sense when seizures are coming on and they are using them for get well therapy for all kinds of patients.  When you change your thinking, even your pets change in their responses to you, their character and how they feel in general.  Change how you feel by how you think and you change how they feel and you change how they act.   Thank you.   Pet Lover 
Dear Benay:  I have to tell you how I found your book.  The Lord first led me to listen to a radio broadcast where Dr. Caroline Leaf was the guest speaker.  I was amazed about what she was saying about the brain and thoughts.  So after I listened I went on- line and googled her name and found videos to watch of her teaching on youtube.  Then I was so excited that the Lord led me to google this:  This is what I wrote in the search engine of the google.  I wrote. DO WE REALLY HAVE TREES IN OUR BRAINS?   An through that search I found your book!  It was actually on a website at  www.books.google.com.  It allowed me read close to 60 pages of your book for free!  Of course they wanted me to download the book as an e-book, but I really like having the actual book so I can highlight what stands out to me.  After reading part of your book for free, I was hooked and had to order right away!
I love, love, love your book!  Thank you for being obedient in writing it!  I just can’t put it down!  It is definitely not a book you only read once.  I feel if I can get this down and understand it, a lot of other things make since in my life.  Scripture as definitely come alive to me through what you have shared in your book!
My youngest son Brady is 25 years old and is actually on staff at Go Ministries.  He has the calling of an Evangelist and people are drawn to him for salvation.  I am so excited about him reading your book!   My oldest son Josh who is 30 years old has been diagnoised bi-polar.  He stays depressed and still lives at home because of it.  So I am doing my best to grasp the teaching in your book and I know it is the answer to his healing!  Because of his illness the devil has stolen a lot from our family!  But we have the last say!!!    Thanks so much!    Karen H.

Hello Benay,     I just wanted to let you know that your book and boot camp are exactly what I needed!  I want to thank you for not only meeting with my wife the other week; but for the spiritual discernment regarding fear and “survival mode”. We are going through the boot camp and the internal results are absolutely amazing. I have been totally out of sync for the past few months but I’m only on Day 10…and I feel like a new man!  Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you in the near future!!         B. K

Hi Benay, hope you had a wonderful weekend! Just had to give you an exciting update: Brad said today that he feels better than he ever has before! I know you don’t know the whole background, but this is a BIG deal! Our circumstances have not changed, but his outlook and perspective have changed thanks to your program. I really feel like this broke the oppression that was over him and I am soooo excited to see how God is going to work.   Thank you! Hugs,  Kristin K

The Keys to Unlock False Beliefs has changed my life.  It has transformed the way I think and feel and see myself.  Circumstances may not always change right away, but what a difference it makes to know how to think positive thoughts and to create the feelings that come when you spend time thinking on the truth.  Everyone needs this program in these trying times.    L.T.

Your boot camp and Keys to Unlock false beliefs are helping me sooooo much to being able to go back to my childhood belief that God is a good and wonderful God.  Everything pales in the background of this truth.     A.K.

What a way to expose who is really talking inside my head.  I never had an understanding of my mind in so many ways before taking your 21 Day Mind boot camp and the false belief releasing.  This has truly transformed me.  I don’t think the same way I use to and when things come up in life, I now have learned how to direct my thinking for my better good.    Thank you.   G. G.

Your book, Think Well, Live Well Now, did many things to open my eyes.  Love how you expose the devil and just how he operates to deceive us to not think.    Debra L.

For the first time in my life, and I am 50 years old, I now believe that God is a good God and not a hard taskmaster.  He does have my back and is interested in giving me good gifts.     50 year old grandmother

This whole book is Romans 12:2 put into action.  I believe it will help a lot of people.     D.A.

Dear Benay,     After reading this book, I began to intentionally change my negative ways of thinking; my gossiping about others, complaining about everything, thinking I was destined to follow the path of EOR(wnnie the poo reference). I am feeling better in body and soul and I can readily see the proof of the book working in me. I suggest that the book lays out the Yellow Brick Road and all you have to do is follow it to lots of oo’s and Oz.              Washerman GK

This book is truly an anointed adventure to go through. It never stops giving you revelatory information. This author doesn’t just say that when you change your thoughts you will transform your thinking, she reveals why and how it happens as you read the book. The knowledge of “aha” moments from the revealed truth, begins to cause a miraculous transformation in your mind. It has an amazing way of tying together discovered science and known biology with what the Word of God says. I never realized how much I didn’t understand about my own physiology and the way my thinking causes chemicals to be released. This has made me realize that if I change my stinkin thinkin, I can create a life I never have known possible.
This book has given me a “renewed hope” that I can change my life and I now believe that God does have a plan, only I can find and fulfill. This is a “must read” for everyone. If you are sick, or feel like your life has been a series of going around the same mountain, or if you have spent a life of broken relationships and wondered “why”, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!         Joy B

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