Stress is Caused by Toxic Thought – pt.1

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Stress is caused by toxic thoughts. Improper amounts of endorphins and serotonin spew into our system by the direction of the mind-body connection. This connection is through the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal (HPA) command center. This is the system of your body that protects you from external threats. (The immune system protects you internally.) Your immune system kills cancer cells which are present in your body at all times. Don’t gloss over that last sentence. Yes, cancer cells are already in your body. Cancer manifests from a strong enough breach to the immune system which causes a falling domino effect within the balances of the body.

The body was designed for growth, which is why God told man to multiply the earth. You can’t multiply when you aren’t growing something, right? The body is designed to be in either growth mode or protection mode. Your body needs to focus more on growing than on protecting itself. Your body automatically protects itself from the negative thoughts that spit distorted amounts of chemicals into your system. These toxic amounts of chemicals distort the DNA of the immune cells. The enemy always works to kill, steal and destroy us.

Our body was created with two systems to help communicate information to our trillions of cells; the nervous system and the hormone system. Both systems influence the immune system. The nervous system transmits rapidly between different body regions. The hormones are secretions produced by the command center, releasing chemicals through the bloodstream.

The hormone cortisol regulates and supports your heart, metabolism, and your immune system. Cortisol levels increase with stress. Remember, when you are stressed you are in protection mode and your body is working to survive. There is an excess amount of cortisol that flows through the brain and which causes your memories to shrink. It creates burnt out pathways in the brain that look like burnt tree branches.  (see figure 1)

When the stress is removed, or when your mind isn’t thinking of protecting the body any longer, the memories can come back. We can move into protection mode both non-consciously and consciously. (see figure 2)


To be Continued…..

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