Speaking What We Hear

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Why is speaking the Word so important to acquire what you really want from God? God has to have His word to work with. His Word is on the inside of you. We produce because of a seed that has been planted, waiting a certain time for growth and then we can harvest. This is why it is important to value the Word. How do you think we plant what life gives us? Whatever we plant comes straight out of our mouths. This is why it is said that the tongue is the most unruly member of the body in James 4: 8, “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.”

Too often, we speak things that are negative and those are the words that are worked with in the spiritual realm. We see what we say and say what we see. If we want to change what we say, then we must change what we see. We must realize that we have the blessings of God’s word to cause positive breakthroughs in our lives.

We have some positive things we can do that work the Word to our benefit. In Job 22:28 it talks about decreeing a thing in order to establish it. We overcome by the spirit of prophecy, which is the testimony of Jesus. To testify of what Jesus has done in your life is to speak out His glory for others to see (you paint with your words on a canvas in their minds) and it encourages them to want what you painted for them. (See Revelation 19: 10.) It also plants hope in them which is the key ingredient to faith.

Most of the time, without realizing it, we testify of our problems and that isn’t shining any of the Lord’s light from inside you to the outside for others to receive. Those words are the words the enemy is looking to pick up to harvest. The enemy needs those negative words you plant outside of yourself to harvest his desires. Are you seeing that it works the same from either direction—the enemy or God?

God needs our words to work with in this earth realm, but so does Satan. Why, because this planet was given to man by God. Satan loves to counterfeit godly spiritual principals and uses laws to produce what he wants because he thinks he is god. Too many people don’t even realize that this is a fixed law of God. What enters this atmosphere of earth must come through man because it was created and given to us to take dominion over and to subdue. The way things produce and come into existence in earth is through every spoken word man speaks out and acts upon.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of what you don’t see. Be careful of what you hope for as it works with invisible motion to show up. Unfortunately, you may not like the results you have been creating with your faith. Now is the time to become aware and change your thoughts. Faith works invisibly and substance will produce physically at some point in time.

Faith is invisible motions of energy (and we know all energy originates from God). As with all energy, the enemy works to distort good energy. Faith works to produce what isn’t seen at first, but will eventually show up in the physical world. Think about what shows up when you lose hope: despair, depression, thoughts of suicide, and others. God says His people perish for lack of knowledge (or for no knowledge).

Hosea 4:6; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: ”

Exerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now book

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