Is Your Seed Growing or Did You Eat It

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In every deed there is a seed.  God’s seed supply in your life is for two reasons, for sowing or for eating.  God supplies seeds to us all the time.  We are either a consumer or a sower of them.   By our choices we either sow seeds crush the grain of seed to make bread and eat.  If all we do is keep taking the seed we have been given and make something to eat for our-self,  then that seed is used up.  We “consumed” it.  We can’t harvest any seeds we have never sown into the soil .  We must learn to plant our seed into fertile soil so we can reap a harvest from them in due time.    It is more “blessed” to give then to “receive”.   It is better to sow, then to consume.

2 Corinthians 9:6: Whoever sows sparingly shall reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously shall reap generously.  In the lean seasons we think to sow sparingly, because things are sparse.  Yet this season is exactly the time to release it,  and give it to be planted for a return.  The reason would be obvious because if you keep to eat the seeds you are given during times of famine in your life, you will only survive for that time.  You could  run out of seed enough to make bread to have to enough to sustain you through the famine.

There is a story in the Bible in I Kings 17 that illustrates the choice we have to sow the seed or eat it.   Vs. 12 says the woman only had enough to make a final loaf of bread for herself and her son before dying.  Yet Elijah told her in verse 11 to bring bread to him to eat first, and then her and her son.  The choice she made to share and sow the first portion of her last seed by letting Elijah eat first, was the very thing that saved her and her sons life through the lean time.  Verse 14 says that her supply never ran out during the rest of the famine because she sowed a portion of her last seed first and only then consumed the rest of it.  The out come for her and her son would have been quite different had she not given to the prophet Elijah some to eat first.  She would have consumed it all and there would have been no part of the seed to multiply back to her.

The enemy tries to trick us to enter survival mode during times of famine in our lives.  He knows that if you will act in consuming it all for yourself, you have sown nothing to reap you a harvest.   This is known as heaping treasures upon oneself.  A consumer mentality was invented by Satan, not God, to get you to think you have got to withhold,  in order to survive.   Satan will tell you that you won’t have enough, you only have so much and no more.  Yet the truth is, there is never any lack with God.  There is always more than enough.

Ezekiel 28: 16 speaks how Lucifer filled himself with sin by “consuming” all wealth and riches upon himself.  He teaches us to do the same things he has done to himself.  He wants the same judgement from God to be laid upon us, as has already been laid upon him.

Faith in God releases the provision you need.  Your act of faith shows your trust is in your heavenly Provider.  It shows your confidence in God providing for you when times are lean.  If you hold back and save it, watch what happens.  We look ahead to see what we have, rather than looking ahead at what God can do for us when we get to that critical point of need.  He knows what we have need of before we ask it.  How you sow will determine how you reap.  This is universal law created by God.

God wants to flow provision “to” us.  His bigger desire is to flow provision “through” us.  Purpose in your heart.  Make sure you aren’t calling your desire your need.  You paint your tomorrow by your actions in today.

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