Skills to Control Stress – Pt.3

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Stage one is called the “alarm reaction” stress cycle. This stage is normal, if you don’t stay there very long and these chemicals cycled properly with stopping and starting points. Your heart beats stronger, fats are released into blood stream for energy, you feel alert and focused, your blood rushes to muscles away from your stomach. Things calm down completely in the body when the periodic times of stress leave. The body is designed to equip you for moments of stress. This is call the “flight or fight” syndrome. Your body needs to tell you how to react with urgency when danger enters your environment, like it does when you are able to react to avoid a car accident. But once the reason for the reaction is gone, your body needs to return back to homeostasis (balance).

Stage II is called the “resistance stage”. This stage has a continual flow of chemicals without any breaks or stops in between because the toxic thinking hasn’t stopped. Your entire ability to function properly becomes interrupted. Your thinking and memory have become foggy, you have lack of creativity, you feel tense, sick, anxious, and even depressed in increasing levels. You can operate at this level for five, 10, 15 years, but it will affect your health at some point. The rotting wood of a neglected house eventually one day brings the whole house crashing down to it’s foundation. The day will eventually show up and that is the final stage.

Stage III is called “exhaustion”. All your organs at this stage become exhausted your adrenal cortex becomes enlarged, the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus and immune system shrink. Your entire immune system becomes depleted, blood pressure increases, memory and all mental functions decrease, causing you to become very ill. This is the stage where you’ll have feelings of loss of control, failure, being trapped, and self-doubt. Over time, the mind simply burns out. You have emotional black holes in your memory trees. This stage eventually causes death.

In stage III the stress system never stops reacting and organs don’t relax. Your organs and your body systems break down, causing tissue damage causing toxic changes to your cells. You mind will eventually give up if you don’t control your stress. Your negative control system is out of control.

Messages flowing in your brain pass from cell to cell. When the chemicals are not balanced and information is flowing through nerve cells. The chemicals will disrupt the impulses of information that take place from cell to cell, causing your thinking to be disrupted, causing information to be faulty.

Steps to control your stress

Control your attitudes and thoughts. You need to be consciously aware of the thoughts that you are thinking, activate your positive control system, eat a nutritional diet and get enough sleep. Your brain sorts out your thinking when you get enough sleep. Without enough sleep your thinking becomes muddled. Play and laugh daily is also very important. To laugh and have fun daily secretes good chemicals necessary to break you out of your negative thinking. Eating properly is important, good foods give the body energy, junk foods deplete energy from the body. The body needs proper nutrients for its energy. Exercise is important because it promotes increased levels of oxygen to the cells of your body and brain. Appropriate levels of oxygen are very important to the brain. Oxygen removes toxins from the cells of your body. Stress is a very controllable thing in our lives.

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