Skills to Control Stress – Pt.2

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There are three stages of stress. Stage I, stage II and stage III.. Stage I is actually the memory building process and the normal stage. Information goes in the brain and builds stored memories. Information that enters the brain that finds a bad attitude stored in memory can influence the whole emotional state you go into. It can flow into the central portion of your brain into the amygdala to cause major stress reactions in your body. If you don’t control that stress reaction, your body will be thrown into stress.

When you are listening and you are calm . When that information enters your brain it will feed through the hypothalamus and the right amount of chemical will be secreted to keep you alert and focused. So the right amount of chemical will flow into the pituitary gland, then causing the right amount of chemical to flow down to your adrenal glands, above your kidneys, stimulating the adrenal glands to flow cortisol and adrenaline to flow back up to the pituitary gland, telling it everything is fine. Which then signals the process to recycle as a normal healthy process all over again. This process starts and stops under normal stress or stage I.

What’s not normal, is when there are no brakes between those cycles. If our thoughts aren’t controlled, we do not have any breaks in those cycles of chemicals being released. If the cortisol and adrenaline cycles back up into the pituitary gland as a result of continued toxic thoughts, (if you haven’t controlled your anxiety, worry or fear), the message to the hypothalamus is that you are still under stress. This sends the message to the hypothalamus to squirt more of the chemical to the pituitary. The pituitary will squirt more of the chemical down to the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands won’t cycle the proper amount of cortisol and adrenaline back up to the pituitary. Then the pituitary won’t tell the cycle to stop the chemical flow and other chemicals will begin to flow along with the ones mentioned. This flood of chemicals continually being added will throw the body into what is known as stage II of stress.

This is when you feel an adrenaline rush and the heart pumping and it doesn’t stop. If this is allowed to continue, what begins to happen is your brain actually becomes rewired. Proper amounts of chemicals flowing cause proper memory building. Excessive chemicals due to uncontrolled stress, causes an inability for the brain to function the way it should for proper memory building. For example, when too much cortisol flows into the brain. It shrinks the dendrites (the little branches that hold memory). When too much of it flows it is like battery acid, causing the little dendrites to burn and break off. It can be like a forest fire in the brain.

Symptoms of stage II stress are depression, worry, anxiety, with more and more memory blocks that continue to worsen if stress is not controlled. Eventually, when your body cannot handle all the excess chemicals that are flowing out of balance in your body, you move into stage III of stress. That’s when your memory becomes very bad, your ability to focus clearly is affected, and you feel fatigued, loss of energy, and you begin to feel really sick. It becomes harder for you to manage the excess chemical flows until you force yourself to take a break to calm down.

The patterns for adult hood are established in childhood. If you grew up with a continual pattern of uncontrolled negative emotions from toxic thoughts, you developed a wiring in your brain for that pattern of stressful living as a false normal. Eventually those patterns of stress will catch up with you in life. It will affect the way in which you function in relationships, your job, and your perceptions.

To Be Continued.

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