Skills to Control Stress – Pt.1

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Our 21 Day Mind Boot Camp will teach you how to control stress levels. This is something to take a serious look at because stress is an epidemic that is out of control for people of all ages. Stress is rooted in fear. Fear paralyzes you to think you have no control. Fear comes from feeling out of control. However, it is a myth to believe we can’t do something to control it. Fear with all of its strong emotions create a mental block. It negatively impacts our bodies and causes memory branches to burn. It can make you feel physically sick to your stomach. This is because the digestive system response to what you are thinking. It causes the neurons in the stomach and colon to flare up. It actually has the capability of changing your brain’s chemistry.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her 5-step learning process called This Switch on Your Brain, says that “approximately 70% of children are stressed, depressed, and some even suicidal. If this happens in the younger developing brain (birth to 19 years), it has the potential of forever changing the course of a person’s life-unless, that pattern is broken and the brain circuitry is intentionally renewed.”

Young children up to the age of 19, use their amygdala, the library of emotional perceptions of memory; where as adults use their frontal cortex, which is the area that provides analytical thinking and introspection. Where the adult brain will stop to analyze before reacting, the younger brain not yet developed fully, goes from sensation direct to reactive emotion. Symptoms can manifest anywhere from mild behavioral problems to complete mental blocks when needing to deal with self-preservation. It impacts education for the child, as well as the emotional mismanagement within the child.

Dr. Leaf goes on to say, “Since thoughts are mental activity mediated by electromagnetic forces and brain chemicals, called neuropeptides, when you change your thoughts, you can change the patterns consistently and you literally change the circuitry of your brain. We don’t just need to change the way we control negative emotional thoughts for us as adults, but also for the sake of our children.

Stress comes from toxic memories, bad thoughts that aren’t controlled, or bad learning. When your attitudes become toxic and you begin to worry it puts you in a stressed state. This will affect what happens inside your body. When you are stressed, your tree branches that hold the memories shrink and it affects your memory. You may recall not being able to remember something as you’re talking to someone. Yes, sometime later you may remember the information. What’s happening in your body is that your body is stressed, and it’s not remembering for the moment, but once you can calm down it recalls the information you were trying to remember. What happens in serious moments of stress is that your body generated a series of chemicals that went into the brain and over the little dendrites holding the memories of what you need and it caused them to shrink. This causes you to not remember. Once you calm down the little dendrites plump up and you could recall the information. It can cause temporary memory loss and long-term memory loss over long periods of time, and it can also cause health problem.

To be continued.

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