Reasoning Causes You to Loose Faith

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It is said that the most complex part of you is your brain. When a child is born, most of the child’s brain matter dies when coming out of the womb. Nothing can come here unless something dies from there. A woman’s womb is considered a portal. It is the chamber where you grow to be large enough to sustain a physical life on earth. The womb opens up like a portal, to dispense you from eternity to earth. It’s an exit from there to here.

However, when you exited the womb and was birthed into earths realm, because of the fall you loose what you had as a child of God in eternity when you are placed into time on earth. If the fall hadn’t happened imagine what you’d have. Imagine how you would live life. No sickness, a brain 10 times in power, to receive from the mind of Christ all things without limits.

Because of what you have in eternity, dies when you enter earth when you’re born, is the reason you must be born again in Christ. It restores you once again with capabilities, from within the mind of Christ, to do on earth that which is already been done in eternity. Imagine what you can receive in revelation from once again, having the mind of Christ with the Holy Spirit who awakens the heart of your spirit once again to live in Him. You are brilliant! That’s why it is important to pray in your heavenly language. That’s how you access.

When did you become you? Adam’s mind was no longer alive because he could no longer live in the glory and presence of God. Because he was no longer alive, he went from revelation to reason. Reason is less than 10%. That means that our ability to determine what’s real, is based on reason. Which is fed information to do so, by the five physical senses. The devil wants to get you to reason and you need facts to reason. He will make sure from birth onwards, that you experience enough negative facts in your life for him to work with from your memory, to pull those negative facts from your past to cause you to reason away the revelation God is telling you.

You need to realize that Satan, trained his pimps with his own evil reasoning skills, that he developed within himself without anyone else teaching him, and fell out of God’s presence because of reasoning within himself. Using those same reasoning skills, his pimps will present to you through circumstances and situations, the facts that look familiar to you from your negative past memories, to cause you to keep believing them as your reality. Now man’s reality is determined by how to reason. Can you see why the devil wants to frustrate your faith to get you to reason? That’s why anything you reason with, will cause you to loose your faith.

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