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Most don’t have a clue that their thoughts are sounds vibrating their feelings and emotions through them physically.  The way fear sounds in us will have a feeling quit different from the way love or peace feels.  When God created us, He wired us for love.  He tells us that He hasn’t given us the spirit of fear.  Let’s look at why.

Thoughts are images and vibrations of sound moving through us physically.  God created us to sing a song to Him spiritually and it happens physically.  We are connected to Him in relationship through the positive sounds of our thoughts from our heart.  That is where the Holy Spirit resides on the inside of us.  The Word tells us the kingdom of God is in us.  The more negative internal dialog, the more rapid slow death is taking place within the physical cells of the body.

Our body is created for growth, multiplication of cells.  This is explained in Genesis with reference not only to mankind but all of God’s creation.  Fear, as an example, sounds an alarm in us that puts us into survival mode, and compromises our immune system to stop us from growing.

When we are experiencing happiness, joy, peace, and excitement there are chemicals that we secrete for each of those. Now when we experience the opposite of love such as fear, there is no known chemical in our body for the negative emotion of fear. So what the body does is take the chemical closest to it and secretes that chemical in overloads, thus throwing the brain out of balance in its attempt to find the chemical for fear. This causes inflammation and imbalances. Fear triggers more than fourteen hundred known physical and chemical responses. This activates more than thirty different hormones and neurotransmitters, capable of throwing the body into a “frenzy.”

Just as we have an external language of communication with sound, so our internal cells communicate in vibrational frequencies of sounds we can’t hear with our ears.  Imagine if we did, we would go nuts.  Imagine the sounds of fourteen hundred physical and chemical responses moving through us when we are in fear?  Now imagine how the vibrations from fear “feel”.  This gives us a better idea of why “fear feels” the way it does moving through us.

Each of us through our free will have control over our own body, mind and spirit.  We have an internal positive control system and a negative control system that we take agreement with to turn on or off when thoughts come to our consciousness.   We agree with either negative or positive thoughts and this forms our self-talk, our internal dialog.   We control what we sound like from the inside out.

The body was not designed to handle a negative control system that is turned on for long periods of time.   Yet stress is going up, not down. We have got to start paying attention to the why of this and to what we are doing to ourselves.  Stress can be controlled!  We have control over our lives, life doesn’t, nor should it control us.  But we must recognize this fact.

The physical body was created for harmony and balance of chemicals being secreted and nerve impulses taking place.  Emotions are strong feelings moving inside of us which trigger thoughts that make up our internal dialog.  Peace washes over fear chemically to cancel it out.  When you have knowledge of how your physiology works is when you can begin to have an understanding of how important it is to pay attention to your self-talk.

In Think Well, Live Well Now, the point is made and shown how important it is to realize that no traditional medicine (allopathic or alternative), nor any healing method that applies only to the body and mind has the ability to sustain ones health over time.  The power of your spirit and Spirit must become a part of the method.  Mankind was created unlike anything else created.  The difference is that man and woman was created as a three part human being and created in the image and likeness of God with a spirit.

Therefore, when we seek healing in our physical body, in relationships or want to turn our life around to see success come into our lives; or if we want to remain healed, delivered or find our true identity, we must approach ourselves by including the third part of our being.  This means to understand more clearly that our approach must include our spirit along with the mind and body.   That also means to include the Spirit of God who created us and wired us to “sound” like Him.  If we don’t harmonize with Him, we create toxic results.  We make that choice.

Get the help through knowledge from current science and the truth from the Word of God.  Be not conformed to this physical world, but cause your own transformation through the renewing of your mind.  Romans 12:2 (author paraphrased)  Begin to Think Well to Live Well Now!

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