Positive Thoughts = Increased Energy

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Heart studies have shown that positive thoughts and feelings add positive energy to the systems of the body. Positive attitudes are positive emotions, expressing themselves through you from the inside to the outside. That is to say, positive attitudes are stored up “assets” of energy you carry on the inside that, when expressed by you, are coming from the inside to the outside of you, for everyone to see and feel. Whereas negative attitudes “deplete” our stored energies.

Envy, jealousy, and rage are examples of energy “deficits,” as we know from what we have learned about emotional natures. They result from engaging our negative control system and can shut down our immune systems for up to six hours. This shows how negative energies cause our operating systems to become impaired. Left unchallenged over enough time can cause a complete shutdown of the organs and systems in our body.

The body is rewarded for exercising the positive control system of emotions by adding energy to the immune system, which adds hormones in balanced amounts to the body. The heart gets regenerated because it gets recalibrated to function as it was intended to function. Activating negative emotions drains these same systems.

(Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now)

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