Positive Thoughts = Increased Energy – Pt.4

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We are formed and fashioned in the image and likeness of God, and are therefore in part, a field of energy which transmits and receives. We have an output, and are an input of energy. God is so much energy that it is beyond our comprehension. Doctors know the heart transmits throughout the body a quality and pattern of energy via the heart’s electromagnetic field. Think of how your cell phone works; it transmits information via an electromagnetic field. The heart’s electromagnetic field is about five thousand times stronger in signal then the brain’s field. The heart’s energy output permeates every cell in our body. It resonates outside of us, detectable by magnetometers up to ten feet away.

Scientists have used a device called an electroencephalogram (EEG) to detect electrical information patterns in brain waves that are generated by the heart. This provides evidence that there is energy exchanged between the heart and the brain.

When we focus on our heart, that is when we focus on engaging our positive control system of emotional natures, the synchronization between the heart and the brain increases. So does our mental and physical well-being increase for the positive. Our thinking becomes sharper, our creativity and ideas increase, and we generate and move things into alignment and correction.

You could think of this like an orchestra joining together the many harmonious melodies and tunes to make a song that moves us. However, if half of the orchestra is playing one song and the other half is playing a different song, we would want to get up and leave because the sound disturbs us. This is what is happening on the inside of us. It has the opposite results when we think and engage the negative control of emotions causing discord in us—like the orchestra not playing together.

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now book

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These emotional natures cause our operating systems to get out of synchronization and these rhythms cause poor mental function and distort the quality of output regulated from the brain that reaches our nerves, glands, and organs. This distortion from being out of harmony is the cause of all diseases—these are frequency problems.

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