Positioning Your Faith For Breakthrough

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"STEPPING OUT IN FAITH" by Vern Herschberger- ©arts 11:59 inc.

How many of you know that you can be told something and think you understand it but wait until you experience what you heard.  It changes your whole realm of comprehension.  The problem with faith is that we think we understand it until we experience something and try to apply our knowledge and come up lacking what we thought we had faith for.

Faith is called over 10 things in the Bible.  What faith is called is known as the conditions of faith.  For example: 1) it speaks of your faith being dead 2) steadfast in faith 3) sincere faith 4) great faith 5) unframed faith 6) to build yourself up on your most Holy Faith, to just name a few.

These are conditions of faith but you must know the position of your faith.  Knowing your position is to understand what faith is and where you are in it.  Conditions are the knowledge of faith.  We need the understanding of it so we know how to work it.

First, the bible says you are crucified with Christ. Why are you crucified? First, because if your flesh is not dead, it cannot claim a resurrection. If there is no death, then there is no resurrection. If there is no resurrection, there is no ascension. If there’s no ascension, you can’t be seated.

What is involved to the working of your faith? 1) you are dead. 2) your risen. 3) you ascend. This means you are going to operate faith from a position of being dead. If you are operating from a position of death to your flesh, you must understand that your feelings and your reasoning cannot come into it. Your feelings and reasoning are proof that your flesh is still living. This is why Paul speaks about dying daily. Crucify the old you daily. What that means, is to crucify the old way of thinking. What you see in the natural can’t be what you observe. If it is, you aren’t in a position of exercising your faith. Whatever you keep thinking about, you keep looking and observing that thing.Your natural mind will over ride what you were shown in the spirit.

The moment you reason a thing, unbelief is present. Why? Because reason must see what has been here already. You reason with facts you know are reality. How are you to have a fact of something, when faith isn’t seen? Once something is seen, it requires no faith to receive it. There is no faith in heaven. It isn’t necessary because everything is there already. Faith is the currency used to get things from heaven to earth. Once here or there it is reality. Faith isn’t any longer because there is no evidence of anything not seen. You need faith for what isn’t seen yet and that you are hoping for when God reveals it to you by the Spirit.

I don’t know of anybody who’s got this faith position down pat. We are all progressively learning to crucify the flesh, to crucify the old way of thinking. If it’s the way you used to think, then you have to crucify those thoughts. Your old thoughts are not the thoughts of God’s revelation to you. When you think your old thoughts, it’s proof that you’re trying to resurrect yourself. You must learn to crucify the old thoughts daily. This is done in your process of thinking. You will never see something new, by always thinking the same way that you did with the same old thoughts. You will relive your past.

When the old thoughts come, I have to purpose to say no to them. I’m not going to think about that. To think it, is the power to do it. Thoughts are images that will come to be your reality. I have to purpose and say to myself no, I cannot think that when it doesn’t line up with revelation from God. The Bible says to hold fast to that which is pure. The revelation from God to you is pure truth, not reason based from facts. There is no fact established until faith does it’s work to bring it to manifestation.

The working of your faith comes when you are putting to death your old way of thinking, which involves any negative past thoughts about yourself. And to purpose to say to yourself that you aren’t going to think the same old negative thoughts that you use to think. If you’re dead to the flesh, then your dead to the earth. If you’re dead to the earth, then you can ascend from it. Then, the word says you are seated. Seated where, in Christ in heavenly places. So then if you are seated, you cannot operate in the flesh. You are in the world but not of the world. You are of the spirit, seated with Christ in eternity. You cannot operate in faith while in the flesh. Your flesh is your intellect, your reasoning.

This is so foreign to our natural process of thinking. You can’t operate in faith with the sense of reason. You have to lose your mind in order to move in the things of the spirit. You have to lose your mind because when you lose your mind, you’re in the mind of Christ. And when you have the mind of Christ working, you have all things that are possible. When the flesh is working, all things are reason. Reasoning is established from facts that you “have seen” in the natural. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things “not seen”. Reasoning plays no part in faith. You must purpose to disconnect your thoughts of reason, to focus on those thoughts that God has revealed to you which have already happened in eternity. They are revealed to you by the Holy Spirit of God, for you to call them into time on earth.

This is a whole different mentality. Now you are seated. Faith is operated from the position of death. Death is you crucifying the old thoughts that want to cause you to observe what you see in the natural which is going to kill what you see in faith. The thing you’re believing for by faith, is not seen in the natural until you work your faith to manifest it in the natural. Whatever you already see in the natural, has already been created in eternity for you to call to earth for you. Faith ceases the moment you see something in the natural. It requires no faith to believe for what you already see. It does require your faith to believe for what you don’t see because faith is the evidence of what is not seen. Your faith hasn’t disappeared if you have done this. Just get back to what you were hoping for by faith and begin the discipline of killing your old thoughts to for a new habit of thinking.

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  1. Berni
    January 10, 2012 | 6:44 pm

    Hi Benay! I love the way you describe faith and correlate it with our thought life. I also like what you said about crucifying ourselves having to do with the refusal of ‘reading yesterday’s junk mail’ as I like to put it. Powerful and descriptive. I also like the artwork by Vern that depicts what you’re saying. I look forward to reading part 2!

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