Position Your Faith for Breakthrough- Pt.2

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God declares the end from the beginning. God still declares the end from the beginning, through you. Remember you are a part of Him in His image and likeness, to operate like Him in the earth. He reveals the end of a thing to you. By faith you will speak the end, of what the thing is to look like, into the earth’s atmosphere. You then are declaring its beginning in earth. Time has to have a beginning. The thing revealed to you by God, has to have a beginning in time on earth. You are His voice in earth’s atmosphere, to cause it to have it’s beginning here.  This is what is part of working your faith, calling things you see by faith that have been revealed to you by God.

It is reality in eternity. God has already declared it to exist in eternity, therefore it has ended. He has declared it’s end but it needs its beginning established in the earth, in time. That is the purpose of Him revealing things to us. We are to create the revelation to begin on earth. Time has to have a beginning, but there is no beginning in eternity. So because there was no beginning in eternity, there is nothing that was, that isn’t, that really isn’t going to be. So it’s all now with God.

Because it’s all now, time is constantly interrupted. Time is constantly invaded with something coming from another dimension. That’s why there are gaps in time. The only thing that history recalls is what’s known. There is more unknown than there is actually known.

The way you were, versus the way you are, is different to people. When God speaks to you, He’s not speaking to you based upon the way you are here. He speaks to you based upon the way you were in eternity. If He spoke to you based upon the way you are here, he would have to speak by sight. God himself would speak based upon what he sees which would be no different then what you see or how you see yourself in the natural. That would be revealing nothing different from what you know. That would mean He would be speaking to you from what you already see here. What would be the point of Him telling you what you can already see and know? How would you become anything new and different from what you already are?

God’s not speaking to you of how you are here. He is speaking to you of how you are in eternity, despite how you look here. The drama and the trauma you experience here, is because you are going through the process of what you are. There is a disconnect because there’s warfare between what’s here on earth (the first heaven) and where God’s throne is (the third heaven) because the second heaven is between the first and third heaven. The second heaven is where the devil’s kingdom exists. It is from Satan’s domain that warfare is going on over who you are in time on earth.

God reveals to you from eternity, who you really are. Satan’s kingdom doesn’t want you to know who you really are. The more of God’s children who know who they are and act like who they are, the quicker time itself will come to an end. Satan and his evil kingdom of beings have already been judged and sent to the lake of fire created for them all in eternity. Until “time” comes to an end on earth, the warfare exists from your enemy. Satan’s kingdom is your enemy because they are responsible for stealing your identity from you.

Time comes to an end on earth, when heaven has been brought to earth and God’s will is done on earth, as it is in heaven. We were created in God’s image and likeness to bring that which is in heaven to earth, with the substance God created for which it transfers from there to here. That substance is the currency known as faith. The enemy always tries to steal your faith with doubt and unbelief.

When you speak and believe what God reveals to you, you are operating as God intended for you, with the identity He created in you. You are acting on earth the way Adam did originally with God before the fall. God and man created together on earth, that which God intended to be on earth. Heaven and earth were one because God and man were one. There was no sin, no evil found in man originally. Adam knew his true identity in God and had his existence “in God” on earth.

This has not changed with God, in terms of what God still intendeds for mankind. His children are still a “part” of Him and “in” Him. The drama exists solely because of the drama sin plays from the second heaven. Satan and one third of the angelic beings that decided to follow his thoughts of evil exist there and come to influence our thinking. The same thoughts are used by Satan that he as Lucifer back then, developed against God when Lucifer chose to become something that was the opposite of what God created him to be. God created Lucifer to be the head worshiper of God in eternity. That was his identity and his purpose, given to him by God. Lucifer rebelled against his identity and his purpose.

Lucifer, now Satan, took his same thoughts that caused iniquity to grow in his heart to oppose God and began to speak those thoughts to his fellow angelic beings, causing one third of the angels to think like he taught himself. Because worship was what he was created to do, he took the thoughts of worship toward God, and placed those thoughts of worship upon himself. He was able to convince a third of the angels to think with a like mind to his own. It is that same process that Satan and his kingdom uses to change the thoughts you have that are Godly. This causes you to be more like them, than like God.

The devil does not want you to see your true identity as God reveals it to you. He knows that what you believe and receive from God, carries the highest power of authority when you have relationship with Him and believe. It over powers any works the devil is attempting to do, through any circumstance or any person. Secondly, the more of heaven that shows up on earth, of which is transferred by you while in time, is causing a close to time and an end to this dimension. But until time ends on earth, the evil kingdom is still allowed to operate through man and his ignorance. The evil kingdom counts on your ignorance and lack of knowledge to continue in times dimension.

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