21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program and Keys to Unlock False Beliefs


What is a “21 Day Mind Boot Camp”

This is a  unique method specializing in walking the  individual through a day by day training on “how” and “why” to change their toxic thinking and “eliminate” false beliefs, causing the body to seek balance for wholeness in body, mind and spirit.   Behaviors are  your beliefs in action. Learning  how thoughts become physical realities in the body, and knowing what to do about it, opens the motivation to cause complete wholeness in any area of  life.

This method guides you step by step to teach you “how” to eliminate false beliefs that unlock your thinking, allowing you to walk in your true identity and to find your created purpose in life. You are fully conscious and aware of why, how and what you are doing at all times.  The program has proven to end a wide variety of undesirable emotional and behavioral patterns.   It provides a “tool bag” of weaponry to redirect your mind on how to use the right tool, to cause a renewing of the mind to cause changes physically, mentally and spiritually.

“Keys to Unlock False Beliefs” is another segment of this program to consciously release false beliefs that are the fuel for toxic behaviors. Behaviors permanently change when you remove the false belief to change the negative thinking causing the negative behaviors.   The results can transform a life from sickness to wellness, poverty to wealth, depression to joy, broken relationships to renewed love, or failure to success.  To experience this is nothing short of amazing for people.  Click the Testimonials button to see what others are saying.   Read Testimonials

This 21 day commitment teaches how to exercise your conscious mind with “truths” found in the Word of God, by removing “false beliefs” full of toxic thoughts to rewire toxic memories in the brain.  It is a “Mind Boot Camp” because when one begins to mentally “exercise their mind” to take control of their thoughts, it will require the same level of dedication as a boot camp does for the physical body, to move from “victim to victor”.

What’s the Significance to 21 Days?

The wiring of the brain with thoughts looks and performs like trees, with branches and fruit.  In science, they are called “The magic trees of the mind” because the nerve cells in the brain look like tree branches.

Researchers at NASA determined that it only takes 21-42 days to create new habit patterns.  It takes 21 days to cause a physical change to replace toxic memories with good memories in the brain.   With every new or old thought, you remember and hold in your conscious thinking for 24-48 hours, that thought can be physically changed in your conscious mind.  This is known as neuroplasticity. If you don’t change the toxic thought in that time, it goes back into memory even stronger than when it came out.

This mind boot camp uses a method to “eliminate” false beliefs and also equips you to change “how” you move with your thoughts in the battlefield of the mind to unpack your true identity.  Truths from God’s word when spoken to your body cells for health, relationships, finances, etc. can cause physical changes for any condition or circumstance.  Romans 12:2 is physiologically true.  “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

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Coming Soon:

Eventually this program will be available on DVD  for groups. More support is created when you do this 21 day mind boot camp program as a couple, as a family, or in groups; causing a higher level of commitment, accountability and encouragement one to another.   For this reason, we will be developing daily internet videos or host webinars for greater interaction.