Love is the Superpower of All-pt.2

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We think we are lost but He never leaves us and will not allow us to stumble. The Holy Spirit stays in the throne room of our heart. Once we accept Him into our heart as our Savior, He never moves from that position. There is only one way to move Him out—become full of iniquity, just like Lucifer.

We can’t always hear God speak when the enemy is clambering too loudly with the chaos around us but one thing is for sure, He is always, always there. He is waiting for a state of purposed peace, so He can speak and we can hear. Why the state of peace? Because we purpose ourselves to come to Him and when we do, we resonate, harmonize, and become in sync with His sounds. Then we can hear more clearly. Whatsoever is _________, think on these things. Fill in the blank with all positive emotions, because they are all of God.

All negative emotions are distorted energetic vibrations that Satan’s kingdom transmits. These can cause the positive emotional energies of God to become dysfunctional in our thinking and in our physiology.

Our thoughts harmonize with either the negative control system (negative emotions) or the positive control system (positive emotions) in us. We build our positive control system stronger by the amount of time we spend meditating on His Word of Truth. This grows our spirit with more light. More light to overpower the darkness. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. If we spend more time with negative meditative thinking, the negative control system is more active in us. That means the darkness is greater and strengthened in its ability to snuff the light out of you.

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