Humans Emit a Unique Energy with Intent

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Non-conscious operating processes, or stored memories, can be altered when we become consciously aware of our intent. We do this by making a conscious choice of what we want to change. Then the patterns of energy are altered in our immune system (for the healing of sickness, for example). Once again, one putting a thousand to flight and two putting ten thousand to flight comes into operation.

In Healing with Love, by Leonard Laskow, he tells of William Tiller, a professor at Stanford University. In 1986, Tiller reported that he developed and tested a device that released electrons when healing was the subject of intent when it was used. He tested the device by telling individuals to intentionally focus healing energy into the device through their hands. As long as they kept their focused intent toward the device for healing, the device registered electron counts after ninety seconds for a five minute period. (Electrons are negatively charged particles of energy.) More than fifty thousand bursts were recorded. When the intent was discontinued, gradually the registered energy bursts subsided.

Tiller then neutralized his intent by focusing on math calculations. No energy bursts were registered by the device at all. He also discovered that if he was ill or not clear minded the electron counts were much lower than when he was in a healthy, focused mental state.

They even tried to shield the device from the effect of focused healing energy from a person and found nothing that would do so. The device wouldn’t show any response of released electrons when electromagnetic energies were used on it to try and activate it. Electromagnetic energies are radiating energy waves like gamma rays, ultraviolet or infrared light, radio waves, visible light, x-rays, or high-voltage current. Tiller came to the conclusion that humans emit a unique energy that, when focused with intention, attention, and visualization, transfers information from the mind, which is capable of releasing negative electrons. This resulted in the awareness that intentions and thoughts may well be capable of releasing charges of energy which affect the charge balances of cell membranes, thus affecting the health of living cells.

Other research confirms that human intention, attention and imagery do have an effect on living systems. So what is science showing us? First of all, photons are massless, chargeless packets of “light” energy. When a photon of light goes into an atom, it gains energy. When a photon of light is released from an electron, which is inside an atom, it loses energy. Light energy comes from one ultimate life-giving source, God.

Light dispels the darkness in the body. Light adds energy to your systems. Light energy dispels the distorted energies in our life to cause healing. Have you been noticing how your thoughts can put light and life into yourself and others, or darken the light of life in you? This is why our intent, what we dwell upon, and what we observe are so important. We get results according to which energies we activate, reactivate, or keep activated because we were born generating energy.

Excerpt from the book: Think Well, Live Well Now

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