How you See Yourself is How Others See You by your Behavior

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Words are Sounds with Images

Words are more powerful than we seem to want to understand. Words send out sounds with images that create the way your perceptions are seen. Here is an example of what I mean. If I say cat, dog, boat. What do you see? Do you see the letters cat, or dog, or boat? No, you see an image of a cat, a dog, or a boat. But if I say to you ebbro, what do you see? Nothing I made it up. Therefore we have no meaning because we can’t see it.

Spoken words throw images out onto the airspace canvas—they have invisible motion. Anyone in the physical world can take those words of images into their thinking to paint upon their mental canvases in their own mind. Words are thoughts; thoughts are images.

We all have been pre-programmed with false images of thoughts, which are false beliefs we all have. You end up observing a false perception, a false image of you, because it is coming from a false belief you have. Research has shown that the same hormones that trigger joy also trigger anger (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and thyrotropic hormone). What makes the same hormones unleash these two opposite emotions is our perceptions and our interpretation of what caused the event. We become angered when we perceive a threat and full of joy when we perceive love. We feel connectedness or oneness with something or someone that brings us joy.

We can create new images and new perceptions which in turn, hard-wire new beliefs into us. When we choose to do this, the events that come into our lives reinforce those new beliefs. We transmit and receive sound. Emotions formed from strong feelings with sound. Fear sounds one way and we feel that differently, then the way love sounds and feels in us. You learned all about this biology from the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp. Our thinking puts off certain types of sounds. The new beliefs will cause you to feel different from before and act differently. Feelings are felt by us because they are a positive or negative type of sound vibrating in us, which gives us the certain feelings. Which is why fear feels different from love.

The more we choose to use those new perceptions, the more events we will draw to us that match those new beliefs. “Like attracts like” is a universal law. You don’t exist without harmonizing with something every moment you are living. Everything created is resonating, harmonizing, and singing with either good or bad. If anything created on earth stops vibrating with sound, it is dead.

To eliminate a belief you figure out when you formed it. We all are programed beginning in childhood. This is not to blame any parent or caregiver. We all have made mistakes. Do not condemn yourself. Just know that all things can change. There is no perfect parent alive and human.

The first thing that usually happens is that most parents want their children to be less noisy, perfectly neat, and do exactly as they are instructed to do when they were instructed. Right parents?  The problem with that picture is that children aren’t born perfect any more then we just somehow knew how to be the perfect parent. Our expectations usually don’t match the age of the child and his or her capabilities and when that happens we as parents can get frustrated, upset or even worse. This is usually based again off of how we were raise by our parents. This is a cycle that gets passed down from generation to generation.

In the program; Keys to Unlocking your False Beliefs, when asked to remembering negative reactions from not doing what was expected of you as a child, understand that you don’t have to remember what it was that you did to upset your parents, you only need to remember the way they reacted to you. I prefer you don’t recall details to any events because of the physiological impact that could have on some people while doing so. It isn’t necessary to relive any trauma from childhood.

If you can’t remember much from your earlier childhood that is okay too. You can look back at their reaction toward a sister or a brother and probably realize that they probably reacted that way with you. Just look inside yourself to find out how your parents reacted toward you when you didn’t do what they wanted you to, the way, or when they wanted you to do it. Nor do you have to remember several events, that doesn’t matter. Beliefs form from events having similar information to them which causes you to perceive that event in a similar way to previously stored perceptions of meaning.

The information to other events you have stored and perceived the way you did as a child, validates your stored belief as being right. Right isn’t necessarily a true and accurate perception of reality. From our definition of a belief we found out that the beliefs we hold are a statement we “feel” and think is “true” and “accurate” about reality.

These Keys to Unlock False Beliefs work when you decide to choose some different meanings, causing you to believe differently about who and what you are. This transforms the way you “see” yourself and the way you feel. This causes you to behave differently. Your lack of self confidence, lack of feeling good about who you are, lack of feeling accepted by others and being glued to your past will be totally gone as you continue to choose images of thought that have new possibilities. The feelings will follow those new thought images. This is “how” you are transformed by the renewing of your mind.

I am asked, if once you release a false belief is it permanently gone? Can you ever have another negative thought? Can you dwell with those dominant thoughts of images again? Yes, you must continue to practice the skills you are taught through the process of releasing the belief. That is why this program is called: Keys to Unlock False Beliefs. You are given those keys to open doors of new possibilities and keep the doors of old behaviors that kept you in survival mode locked. As you engage this new skill of taking your thoughts captive and controlling your thinking, it gets easier. It is as if you more instinctively flip the switch in you, to think with positive images, rather than negative. In fact, when you get the negative images of thought, they cause you discomfort.

Think of it this way; If I am wearing a pair of glasses with red lenses and I look at you and say I like that red top you are wearing. I feel good about myself for giving you a compliment, until you say to me; “But my top is white?”

False beliefs cause you to see life through falsely colored lenses. This process, with your interaction, will cause the red lenses to be removed, allowing you to see through new lenses. The result is you will now “see” new possibilities you couldn’t see before because you were wearing red lenses. Red lenses cause red behaviors. Can you imagine life without the red lenses?

Excerpt from: Keys to Unlock False Beliefs.   The complete set of all 21 common false beliefs is available in the online store, both as an mp3 download and 12 Cd set.  

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