How You See Yourself Causes Your Behavior

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“How” you see your self. How you see yourself is how others see you, through your behavior. If you want to change your behavior you can’t do that with any kind of permanent long lasting results, without first changing your false beliefs . Your beliefs have everything to do with “how” you See Yourself.

Is it really possible to release false beliefs, you might ask? Can I really do something that will change behaviors I have had all my life? Absolutely! People parish everyday for lack of the knowledge of truth. Brace yourself for some truth.

How do I know that this can be done? I see how peoples lives have been transformed, who have made the commitment to themselves to go through; Keys to Unlock False Beliefs and the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp. Once you release some of your false feel and see yourself differently.

Beliefs are a statement we feel is true and accurate about reality. You will learn that you aren’t always consciously aware of what you believe and why. You don’t know how to do anything different from what you have done before with regard to your behavior, unless you become aware of what is happening with your thoughts.

Well, have I got some exciting news for you! That is all about to change for you, if you want to learn the HOW. Typically, I don’t just give people knowledge to know and understand the “why” of what I am talking about. How many programs and books have you gone through where the information was fantastic, but it left you with the question of; “How?” If you’re like me, you want to know “HOW” to do something to change what you became aware of through reading.

I am an avid reader and study the Word of God wanting to know how our Creator intended for it to work. It doesn’t always work to say what we learned, we have to believe it. If we believe it, we don’t always know why. I think of myself as a spiritual scientist, I want to know the what, the why and then show me the HOW to get results from the what and why I learned. I found out that this involves understanding how the three parts of your being work together. We were created as a three part being. Body, soul and spirit.

The world systems for the most part, offers therapies for 2 of the 3 parts, when trying to fix or change something for mankind. There seems to be another approach in the world, that places their focus on the 1/3rd (the spirit of man) and not so much on the other 2/3rds (the body and mind).

What do I mean exactly…. Mankind was created as a three part human being; body, soul and spirit. In the world we find for the most part, two systems that offer their solutions to mankind. One group offers methods of therapy that attempt to heal and fix the body and mind (2/3rds of mankind). There is another group that offers therapies for dealing with the spiritual (1/3rd) side of mankind.

Most people in America without realizing this, go to one place for spiritual healing therapies and go to the other for healing therapy of the body and mind. Now if the person puts them together for themselves, that person will experience long lasting results. However most aren’t aware that they need to do so. This is an important key to ones “how” to make long lasting changes and get results that continue to benefit ones completeness.

For the majority, this split approach to achieve and keep healing and success in their life, isn’t working. Why? It impacts how we See our Selves. Our approach toward our self must be to become aware of “how” to work all three parts of our being together. This will produce long lasting results instead of the short term results most are getting from various methods. Focusing on the body and mind, only works for a while and they are right back to where they were before. What’s worse is that most are dumfounded as to “why” what they try, doesn’t seem to work for very long. That applies to all aspects of life; health, relationships, and success.

To live your life like this, is like playing golf on a course without holes. The results from hitting a one inch ball with a metal, of wood stick, will get you the same thing over and over. The holes are what cause you to be aware of what, why, and how you “think”. The holes (spirit, where your thoughts come from) need to be part of the golf course (life) to fulfill the purpose for which your golf club (mind) and ball (body) were created. You need to play life thinking with the hole (whole) in mind. Noticing and managing the type of thoughts you think with, needs to be part of the life process; to fulfill the purpose for which your mind and body were created.

Most people play the game of life at the driving range 24/7 and can’t figure out why they aren’t scoring better in their life; let alone even imagining that they could make a hole in one. “What” are they aiming at? “Why” are they doing it? “How” can they change it? By aiming at the “what”, understanding the “why”, and achieving skills on the “how” to change life, you will “create the WHEN”. This is “when” life will be what you want, rather then what you are getting by default, as if your life is run with the auto pilot switch turned on. This all affects how we see our selves.

If one does achieve long lasting results, they may not have noticed or realized why. Something with their thinking made a permanent shift. This comes from a change in their beliefs and the way they see themselves has been altered for good.

I will bring more of this type of thinking in another segment for you to listen. For now, listen to a portion of the Keys to Unlock False Beliefs program. I hope it will cause you to hope and believe that your life can improve beyond what you ever thought to imagine.

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