How you Believe Determines What you Receive!

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Perception involves seeing beyond what is physically visible, to see with both the physical senses and what is in your spirit. Your spirit and conscious mind process thoughts that give perceptions of meaning to those thoughts you have of prior events or future events in life. Those perceptions with given meanings then create our beliefs. If our beliefs are false, we will have misperceptions of past events and mis-perceive future similar events. The good new is that misperceptions can always be eliminated and new beliefs formed.

We perceive everything in life to give us a way to understand. Do we know the thoughts of others at any time? The only way we can read what they are possibly thinking is by observing their behavior. But is what we perceive their meaning from the way they behavior always going to an accurate truth? No, because we don’t know what their thinking when they behave a certain way.

What do I mean by meaning? We give meaning to what is taking place in our world based off of how we learned and what we learned in childhood to understand behaviors. Are these meanings taught to us from little on or do we come up with them in our own mind? In other words, did each person explain their behavior and what they meant when behaving the way they did towards you as a child, so you could be clear about what they meant? Or, did you come up with various meanings on your own from what you experienced in your environment? Then you probably learned to assume you interpreted their behavior accurately. Is it real to you now that you could have interpreted some behaviors wrong?

Is it also conceivable to you that the meaning isn’t really in the behavior itself? If the meaning was inherently in the behavior, then everyone, including you, every time would behave the same way in the event? If the behavior has the same meaning because the meaning is inherently in the behavior, that would mean if there were 4 people involved in the same event would all react with the same behavior in that event.

That sounds crazy when I put it that way but stay with me because you are going to end up realizing that is exactly the way all of us have been taught since we were born, and it happens within our mind as if our thinking is on autopilot. So where is meaning? Meaning is in the mind and not in the behavior.

What is a belief? A belief is a statement we “feel” and think is “true” and “accurate” about reality.  Understanding the he pathway to “how”  beliefs get formed is important because we need to be given a “why” to be motivated to want to change anything in life.  An understanding of what is true from false gives us a reason, a “why” to make changes to improve life.  We then move to wanting to know “how” to change.  The conclusion is, we never really learned how to process our thoughts to think accurately with truth.  We assigned a truth that wasn’t the truth to an event.

Perceptions with their meanings are not a physical object that you see. This is going to become important for you understand, to become convinced without a doubt that you can replace misperceptions that gave meaning to form your beliefs. To convince you that you have a multitude of possibilities to choose from for the better, when replacing those beliefs is your new truth to embrace.

Thoughts and beliefs are invisible motion within us that we have given meanings to based upon how we chose to perceive an event. We can’t see beliefs with our five senses because they are not a physical object. Thoughts are words having images always looking to be formed into a physical presence. (pay attention to that statement for later) When I say orange, you see a round orange colored piece of fruit. It is clear you can see an object or a place because they can be described.

When it comes to beliefs, we can’t see a belief until we paint them with our words that give them meaning. It’s like when an artist sees a garden full of flowers. Only when he paints the garden on a canvas is the garden brought into existence. Likewise, what you perceive within yourself you must put onto a canvas so you can see it with your physical senses. This can be done by painting, writing, drawing, or by words. The most used brush for painting on canvas is the brush of WORDS. We paint our perceptions on a canvas faster with words than any other method. So many people do not even know that their words are looking to form a physical presence. This is why we have to speak what we want to see by faith.

This is important to realize because the belief can be changed to what serves you better, the truth.

Perception requires seeing something inside you that wants to be brought into existence outside of you. This is how you get others to view your perception, to see things the way you see them, so they can experience what you are experiencing.

This means that whatever new perception you are opposed to seeing, because of a previously stored perception that does not agree with it, you disqualified yourself from putting it onto a canvas for others to perceive. Put another way, you disqualify yourself from becoming a physical presence that expresses themselves differently in life. You won’t create what you saw because you don’t want to see to perceive any differently then your thoughts will take you. You remain super-glued to your past and to your old habits and old behaviors. A new perception of truth will eliminate the old stored one that is false. This is part of the process of “how” to eliminate a false belief. If you don’t eliminate it, you can’t re-form a new belief of truth.

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