How you Believe Determines What you Receive – pt 2

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The only accurate way to reprogram false perceptions is to make sure they allow you possibilities for growth. Negative beliefs keep you locked down, guarded and protecting yourself or in survival mode. Example: you can’t grow your life into a new direction when your belief speaks; “I’m not worthy” in your mind. These survival beliefs hold you back from limitless possibilities in life and from creating a growing positive life.

Avoiding negative thoughts that can cause perceptions that form survival beliefs is key to unlock and open up good possibilities of limitless growth in your life. When you are in protection survival mode you don’t even consider the possibilities for growing into someone you have never known before. These true and accurate perceptions will resonate from your heart and cause harmony with your mind, thus renewing your mind for more possibilities of new growth.

This is explained in biological detail in part 1 of the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program. You become aware of the discovered biology of our physiology and how it processes thoughts and the thinking process in the body and teaches you how to rewire your brain.

Is it clear to you now that all you really saw was a reaction from your parents. You never really saw the negative false belief. All you saw was a series of events. You looked at a series of events and looked at them and gave them one meaning, without realizing that you had many meanings you could have given their behavior. You ended up seeing that meaning in their behavior. You then formed that perception to mean the same thing for all similar events and made the meaning your belief. Do you realize that the belief is not true, it’s only “a” truth you chose to believe.

Perceptions are meanings that you give to events, not to the behavior of parents who reacted to you, when you didn’t do what they expected. Now you should be able to understand how you gave the event a meaning of perception and not the behavior. All you saw was their reaction to something you did. Their belief wasn’t an accurate truth for them either. It was based upon what their beliefs. You didn’t even discover the meaning “in” the event, you attributed the meaning “to” the event. You didn’t discover that [ the belief ] from the event, you gave the meaning to the event.

You know what else helps to form our beliefs? How behavior causes us to feel. If we have the similar feeling from different events we will reinforce the false belief.  This shows you “how” it is possible to change a perception from an event you gave a meaning, and it is to your benefit to eliminate a false belief forever.  Do you understand how our beliefs get created by our perceptions? Do you realize that we all have many false perceptions that need to be eliminated and our thinking becomes renewed? This is why the removal of a false belief, requires a synchronization with” the” truth, not” a” truth.

This is why it doesn’t do any good to dwell on our past negative hurts or the circumstances of our current negative environment. Nothing will change for us when we do this, it just keeps us surviving and stops us from growing in all possibilities. We must eliminate the false beliefs so we can be free to grow in a new direction.

It will not work to dwell on our past or present errors or sin either. Repentance of those things removes them, we pick them back up when we go backwards into our past and dwell upon them.  That rethinking of them like an instant replay in our mind, only serves to keep us super-glued and stuck to our past.  We won’t grow into new possibilities.  Once you repent for those wrongs, immediately go back to activating your positive control system of thinking. Utilize positive natures of behavior in order to grow and keep moving forward in new possibilities.

When you have a consciousness that thinks negative thoughts all the time, you see “self” instead of seeing God in you. Your focus is on self.  When your focus is on “self” you are in survival mode. Survival mode is doing things that protect your “self”. Did you know your body was created to grow and multiply to be balanced? This isn’t possible when your mind carries you through life telling your body that it needs to survive. And it does that with the thoughts you are dwelling upon from the negative past information we all have programs of. What you are consciously aware of the most is how you will see yourself. How you see yourself will be how others see you.

For example, if you see yourself as needing to protect yourself from making any mistakes, you will never try anything new. By not trying anything new you don’t grow into any new possibilities which could be exactly what you need to be happy, healthy, and productive in life.

This is also why discussing with someone all of the bad events from your life will only reinforce misperceptions of meanings you repeat by giving similar meanings to a series of future events. This keeps you super-glued to your past mistakes. Those false beliefs stay in your programming. Why? Think of it this way: whatever you focus on in thought, those emotional sounds of thought will cause you to become what they mean. As a man thinks, so he becomes is the word from the Creator God.

You are actively harmonizing with those distorted, dysfunctional sound patterns of false belief. Once again they are false because they only appear to be the truth from an event but are only “a” truth that is possible from many interpretations. Those sounds are what give the feeling that you experience when you focus on those toxic thoughts from events. Those beliefs will never change until you consciously choose to eliminate them and reform a new belief.

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