How Do You See Yourself?

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It’s not what you “look” at, but what you “see” that truly matters.

Your true identity has been hidden from you due to false beliefs driving your false behaviors. So, If you aren’t the beliefs you thought you were, then what is your true identity?  You are about to be given the understanding, or shall I say the “why” to change. It is so you can find “Who You Really Are”!

The foundational book, Think Well, Live Well Now, it taught in Chapter 3, How Thoughts Are Processed Physiologically and that we are the contractor of our lives born with blueprints. You aren’t your beliefs but the creator of your beliefs. Let me get my detail painting brush of words, out for you.

How did the belief get formed? Didn’t it happen when you gave an interpretation that you chose from many possible interpretations, to an event? So if you could have given a different meaning to similar events, instead of the one you did choose, then that means you had several blueprints you could have chosen to build “you” with. The reality is that you didn’t have only one blueprint to interpret an event . Right? This means you aren’t your life but the creator of your life. You are building “who you are”.

At the beginning of your life you looked at “Self” (me, myself and I) and started to build your house (in body, mind, and spirit) from blueprints that were made available to you. When you were physically born you were an undeveloped house. As the contractor you looked at possible blueprints, which as a child the blueprints were the various behaviors of your parents. You started to build your house by finding a blueprint that was;” I’m not good enough”, or another blueprint was, “I’m unlovable”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m powerless and helpless”, etc. And when you completed the house you built, do you know what happened? You forget you were the contractor. And you live your life as if you are the blueprints.

Now in actuality, when you were born you didn’t know you were a contractor, that could choose from blueprints what house you wanted to build. But neither were your parents aware they were contractors, nor their parents, nor their parents. Are you getting the point?

This process you have experienced due to lack of knowledge, caused you to become the “creation”, instead of the “creator” of you. The reality is that you were and are, the “creator of you and what you become”.  This truth has been hidden from you. And because it was hidden from you through lack of knowledge, You transformed yourself from the creator to the creation. Do you see your “self” as a brand new perception?

We know things by understanding, or experiencing, or by creating things with our words. As a child, you didn’t know, nor did you understand that you were the contractor and creator of your life. Because you didn’t understand this, you didn’t experience the truth.

Now look at your life and ask yourself what your possibilities are, knowing that you are the architect (the creator) and not the building (the creation)? You were, and are the interpreter and not the interpretations. Take the blueprints (the meanings in painted words; I’m stupid, I’m not good enough, I’m powerless and helpless) and put them into the trash by eliminating false beliefs.  Now go to the drawing board, as the architect and contractor you are, and design and create the house you want for your life.

By releasing false beliefs you make space for new truths to believe.  When you “see” inside yourself now; what are your possibilities?  What do you “see” and “feel” are your limitations?  What things do you feel are possible to create that allow you to grow in life toward a positive fulfilling direction? Write them down. Write your dreams and visions.  Now look at yourself as the creator of your life and ask yourself what is missing?

Allow your “Self” to notice the need to “see” your “self” as God sees you? After all, isn’t He the creator of you? And as your creator, can’t you imagine that He designed you with a greater purpose in His mind then you originally thought?  Does this revelation transform you from believing “I can’t change” to “I can change me and the world around me too”? How about when you falsely believed “I’m powerless and helpless”?  Where does that exist in the physical world?  No where but in your mind.  Your mind can always be renewed.

Once you release all the beliefs that cause the problem, you will find the problem goes away.  So take a look at what’s missing in your life.  Until you can eliminate all your false beliefs and negative conditioning’s, there is a way to better deal with them. You have beliefs but you aren’t the beliefs; you consciously created the beliefs. You know that your thoughts, feelings and behavior are the result of your beliefs. This means you aren’t your thoughts, feelings and behavior. They were created from your beliefs.  Do you think it’s time to change how you “see” yourself”?

The difference from now and being a child programed with beliefs from behaviors in events, should be that you now know that you can notice your thoughts and not allow them to cause the way you “feel”, which causes you to behave in certain ways.

If you have trouble believing that going through this program of “Keys to Unlock False Beliefs” really does work and can work for you, then you probably have the belief; “Change is hard and difficult”.  I have good news for you, it is one of the 21 common false beliefs in the program for you to release.

Why not become what you thought you never could but you must “Believe that you Can”.  In order to do that, you must release some false beliefs first. They are holding you back even without you being consciously aware that they are. So don’t stop until you have checked out all 21 false beliefs and released the ones you hold. Then take a new look at “How you See Yourself”.

When you do that, you will be able to take the “Limits Off” that you have placed upon your life. Start building your new house today.

This is an excerpt from the “Keys to Unlock False Beliefs Program” (available in the on line store)

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