Hope is a Substance of Energy

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Hope is a substance which is a certain energy that vibrates at a certain frequency, just as desire, trust and belief have their own frequencies of energy. The vibration is the “feeling” that you receive on the inside, that we identify as hope,  just as the energy vibration of fear makes us feel differently and so forth.  Positive energies from God can co-mingle with positive energies because they harmonize with each other. The opposite is also true of negative energies. Fear, doubt, unbelief, and distrust are also energies with vibrations of frequencies. Negative energy comingles with like negative energy because the vibrations are similar and harmonize with each other when put together. Positive energy cancels out negative energy and vice versa.

To present a better picture of this, let me add that positive energy holds light, while negative energy has no light and is dark. When you turn on a light in a dark room, where does the darkness go? It is utterly removed and canceled out. Positive energy of light also moves faster than negative energy.

Everything comes from God; all things are made up of energy and their source for existence is the original Creator. The Word says Jesus holds all things together. That is true because he is the Word of God. We also know God is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere at all times. We can understand how this is possible, knowing that everything that exists is made up of energy. A negative form of energy causes a positive energy form to become distorted from its original vibration properties—it changes vibration. Because God is always present everywhere, there is always positive energy available to harmonize with—always there to create good in our lives.

God Himself acted by faith when He created the entire universe and all that is within it, including mankind. It is impossible to please God without the action of faith. Faith always starts out in the invisible realm. Once you see something, you no longer need to hope for it. Hope disappears when it has become physical for us to see with our natural eyes. Our continual thinking of the thoughts we have in the hope of something materializing is the action of co-mingling the like energy of what you are seeing while you hope for it.

Genesis 1:2 says, “the Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters” (AMP). That word “moving” means “to brood over.” Brood is defined as “the action of dwelling on a subject, or to meditate with continued persistence.” Just as God brooded over the earth as He gave it form, so the thoughts, images of what you see, are inside you, incubating until a birth takes place. You are an incubator, as you will discover.

How can Satan create when he has no intrinsic creative ability? He needs our incubators to get his evil thoughts to become reality on earth. He can only re-create energy which comes from God by distorting it. Faith, the action that takes place with thoughts in our incubator, can work the same when we meditate on positive or negative thoughts. Either way, by faith we produce things. If negative fear is incubating in you, and thus you have faith in those thoughts, you can cause them to come to pass.

The kingdom of darkness will try to get you to meditate with morbid persistence on doubt and unbelief, knowing that when those images reach your heart, they will cancel out the positive thoughts you had been incubating for your good. You can have continued persistence on either positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Both cause something to come into reality in the physical.

If you recognize what the enemy is doing in your mind, you must immediately take those thoughts of doubt and unbelief out of your mind and ignore them with continued persistence. Stay focused on the good pictures in your heart and you shall have what you see in due time. Remember that God is the only one with the big picture. Everything we hope for fits into the big picture in proper time.

Excerpt from: Think Well, Live Well Now

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