Heart to Head Connection

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If the vast majority of our reactions to life are dictated from our head and logic, and we do not allow our heart to join our intelligence, we become double-minded and unstable in our ways. If we get our head in sync, or in rhythm with the most powerful oscillating force in our body (our heart), we become single-minded because the two are working as a team.

Who do you think tells us to forget what our heart says? Our enemy! We already know that the throne room for our God connection is in our heart. (Do you see now what is happening to you and why?)

To make a distinction between the head and our heart can fool us at first. Things from the heart express themselves with more authenticity, are void of expectations, and are unconditional. The more we do things that come from our head, the more we do things with emotional attachments and conditions. The head is expectation driven. To involve your heart requires mature emotion management in order to manifest the qualities of the heart with any consistency.

In managing our emotions, we stop and concentrate on the still small voice of the heart and we see a bigger perspective. This result of stopping and learning to check in with our heart can keep us from pain and hurts. Most of our pain comes from our expectations not being met.

Most of the time, we think just the opposite and don’t want to get our hearts involved because we have been hurt when we have put them out there. As a result, many of us have done the deadly thing of building walls around our hearts.

We can understand the operations of our heart and learn to follow it by thinking back on the last time we gave your heart to someone and got hurt. (I can hear some readers saying that the last time they followed their heart about a relationship or business deal, they got burnt.) This is our enemy’s playground of happiness.

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