God Forgets Our Repented Sins – pt.3

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This is why it is so important to not allow your heart to harden. When you harden your heart you are saying with your logical physical mind, “Unless I see it, I won’t believe it.” This is you erecting a “Do not enter!” sign on your heart. You need your heart to connect, to tap into and ride the wave of God’s energies to become harmonious with His energy that causes positive changes of healing or miracles. If you harden your heart, what you pray for can’t happen. You don’t hear the word of God, nor do you speak it out. You block your ability to receive what God is waiting to be able to give you.  Whether that is healing, mending of relationships, or breakthrough to your current situation.

His word and revelation that He gives you must be spoken out of you. Light from God must be put off by you, by speaking. Revelation comes to you in your heart and the Word is light. The heart is the throne room of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is the messenger of the Word to you.   You are His access into the earth through your voice.  What He speaks inside of you, must come out of you in spoken words into this earth realm for it to happen.

Photons are packets of light, so when those thoughts/ photons enter you, a negative electron is released from you. Revelation is the word of God, the light of God, the energy of God coming into you, and once in you, they must be spoken out to have any manifestation. God spoke everything into existence and so must we. His light holds the set of frequencies that cause manifestations from heaven to earth. Ask God to reveal what you should speak. Speak what you hear from Him, for this is the way you create.

Man is made in God’s image and likeness. He told man to multiply the earth,  that doesn’t just mean having children. Stay in harmony with God. Don’t doubt or allow the enemy to steal your light. Stay in harmony, in tune by faith for what you are believing for. You find out what to believe by personal revelation that He gives to your heart or by claiming for yourself the promises in His word.

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