Fearing Your Future-Clinging to Past

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The plan of the devil will always be to contain you. Whether that be spiritually, economically, or whatever the plan of the devil is to contain you. The problem with us is that we have learned to live in our starting point but we have missed the revelation that we are to go forth to increase and expand our boarders. When you expand your boarders, you whole thinking pattern must change. When you say the word change, it’s not well received. The truth of the matter is that when you don’t like change it is because you are looking at the way “it was like” and you don’t have a revelation of what “it will be” like. When a man can’t see his future, he clings tighter to his past. The problem for you to realize, is that your future refuses to come to your past. Your future can see the full view of your past and your future chooses not to go there. And your past sees your future and your past is afraid.

Do you know why you fear your future? It’s because the devil knows his future and influences you to think thoughts so you will see the same way he does. That’s why you fear your future. That’s why he never wants you to get to your future. He wants you to stay in your past. That’s where he was before in your life. The stronghold is in your past. The memory in your past has a spirit attached with it, a stronghold.  That’s why the devil will always contain you to stay in your past.  He has been legal there before and when you go back there, he is legal again.

When something inside of you begins to wake up, when you feel sick and tired of your past, it is the real you starting to wake up. You were called and anointed by God to reign, and to rule. Eden was the starting point, it wasn’t meant to be the end. It would be safe to say, Eden was Adam’s throne and seat of authority. This entire planet had one throne and it was one mans. God told Adam to expand, to go beyond. It was and is to be, from glory to glory. Eden represents the innocence of man.

One of the keys to spiritual power that unlocks the super-natural and opens the door to God’s power in every dimension, is called innocence. There are certain things in life that if you knew them in advance, you would have never done them. That would have remained a hurdle for you to cross at a later point in your life because any devil you can’t conquer becomes the drawing card of Satan every time you are about to succeed. It’s like you’re about to increase and expand, every time you do, evil shows up. There are certain things that God doesn’t want you to know ahead of time because it would release doubt in you, instead of faith, causing you to not do it.

Remember when Lazarus was sick. Jesus said to the disciples that Lazarus was sleeping. Jesus said let us go and visit him. The Bible says that Lazarus was dead. Notice that Jesus didn’t even want to call him dead because you have to watch your word. It’s what you call a thing to be, is what it is.

Jesus only said the word death when He understood they were backwards. Jesus said to them, but I am glad for your sake that you weren’t there, lest you see and believe. In other words, if they would have been there when Lazarus wasn’t breathing, they would have believed he was dead and it would have killed their faith in what Jesus was about to do.  You can’t believe what you don’t see.

It’s easier to give counsel when you aren’t emotionally involved. When you are emotionally involved you will have prejudices. You won’t see a person for what they really are when you have prejudices. You won’t be able to see them as God sees them, when you have an opinion about the way you see them now. That’s why God’s image of them may not, in any way seem as if they could be that image. The same holds true for you, when God tries to show you the image He created you to be. That’s the reason why there are certain things that God doesn’t want you to know. He knows that if you knew things, you would never do them.

God Uses the Insignificant

Our facts and reasoning get in our way.  What we see in the natural, is what we call our reality.   God is supernatural, not natural.  What we view with our five senses doesn’t always align to what He is seeing and what He sees, He wants us to see, for it to become our reality.

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  1. Lan
    November 17, 2012 | 9:36 pm

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without
    loss of enthusiasm.

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