Fear Interrupts Faith’s Flow

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The Bible says that out of the heart flows the issues of life. In your heart you can’t have faith flow and fear flow, at the same time. When fear interrupts your faith, that’s how you have a spiritual attack. Job said, the thing he feared the most came upon him. What’s inside you is working and producing something. This is why you have to watch what you hear. If people around you aren’t encouraging you, but tearing you down and adding fear, it is interrupting your flow of chemicals, known as hormones, and nerve impulses. These control all of your physiology. Interruptions to your system begins with your thoughts.

The thoughts you listen to and then dwell with, are designed to cause a response within you that’s physical. You control your flow and rhythm, by how you think. God intends for you to think with truth, to believe what’s truth. God’s truth found from His Words, whether that is from the Bible or revelation He delivers to you through Holy Spirit, when heard by you will create the necessary order and flow to your life. This is super-natural law. Without it, you have a spiritual attack that manifests in your natural body, and in the atmosphere you breath by inhaling and exhaling. If people that are around you aren’t speaking life to your dream, to your vision, they are speaking death to your life. If you don’t change your environment, it will cost you faith in your dream or vision.

There is a difference between atmosphere, climate and environment. Heaven is an environment, earth has an atmosphere. If you take an animal from it’s environment and change it’s climate, that animal will never grow to it’s full potential. Fish for example will only grow to the size of the body of water it lives in. I have koi fish and they can grow to a size of 28”-36” but in my 3500 gallon pond, they probably won’t get any larger than 14”-16” if that. Now, I don’t just have one koi in the 3500 gallons but 13 of them. Right now, there are three that are 14” of the 13 that are in there together. But they will never get to their full size in potential because 13 of them have to share the same water. They are all affected by the environment they share.

When you’re not in a place where your faith can excel, you will need to change your environment. Notice I said environment, not atmosphere. The difference between environment and atmosphere is that you can create an atmosphere, you can’t create an environment. If I had a mirror in a room and the room was hot and I breathed on the mirror, there would be no change to the mirror. But, if I take the mirror, and walked into a freezer and breath on it in the cold environment, the mirror is going to be affected by my breath and will fog over. Some of you need to go into some atmospheres where you can see something happen. You’re sitting in places where your faith can’t work. That’s how you can tell if you need to change your environment. Jesus didn’t stay in Nazareth to prove He was the son of God. He wasn’t received there and He moved on. Yet many sit in the same environment where their faith isn’t growing and has stagnated.

When your faith is enthusiastic, it is growing. When your faith is difficult and grinds on you that is an indication that you need to change your environment, or else you will stagnate and become bored. It’s because you aren’t breathing any life by the Word. Don’t blame God for not doing something, when you refuse to make changes with your own self that has settled for spiritual death, instead of life. It’s time to find a place where you can get something new to say; and then to see what you say. What you inhale, you will exhale. You have to be in an environment where you can get fresh breath, instead of stale air.

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