False Beliefs Elimination Program

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Eliminating false beliefs and managing true beliefs

What do you believe? Answer this question out loud. Do you believe there is life on other planets?

I started to answer that by saying; “I think that’s entirely possible…….”. Did you do the same thing? If so, I am going say that wasn’t what I asked you. I didn’t ask “what you think”, I asked “what you believe.” That stops most people in their tracks. Now you are probably asking yourself what do I believe? That’s a good question. Most people tell what they thought about something. Most can tell what they felt about it. Most even tell what they say they they believe. But “how” do you know what you truly believe. Can you see from this that anyone can be fooled to believe that they know what they believe.

How can you know the difference between what thoughts make up what you think about something verses what thoughts made up what you believe? You can think about something without behaving or acting out what you’re thinking but you will “behave the way you believe”.  Beliefs drive behavior.

Exceptional leaders leverage this truth to motivate people and set them free. If you want to alter someone’s behavior (i.e.. improve performance, increase productivity, encourage creativity, eliminate bad habits, etc.), don’t just focus on external actions—those are just results.

Focus on building beliefs that will produce the desired behaviors. For instance, improving performance might be achieved by helping someone believe in themselves. Caring to maintain a better thought life and diet might surface the moment someone starts believing in the benefits from feeling better and feeling less stress. Some people just need to believe they have permission before creativity flows out of them. Often, bad habits can be dismantled by exposing—and replacing—the false beliefs people have bought into from childhood.

Belief elimination, followed by belief management, is the best solution for achieving true, long-lasting behavioral change. I believe that statement with everything that is in me. God tells us that in His word and He created us. He knows how He created our biological processes to work well and what will make them become locked down.

So where do we go from here to determine what we believe if we have trouble figuring out what it is that we do believe from what we might think we believe. By going through this part of the 21 Day Mind Boot Camp Program called; “Keys to Unlock your Beliefs” you will discover what your beliefs are that are a strong hold upon your behavior. Eliminate the false belief and you change the behavior. The false belief gets eliminated and it is replaced with an empowering belief all by consciously interacting with the program. This is a guarantee when you follow the steps as they are laid out for you to do.

to be continued………..

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